Four Tips for Influencing People to Buy through Virtual Events

Four Tips for Influencing People to Buy through Virtual Events

What’s your company’s reason for hosting virtual events?

Lead generation and sales, right?

Online events such as educational webinars and panel discussions are a fantastic way to bring new leads to your business. But, companies must be careful not to cross the line into being “too salesy” during their events. After all, you don’t want your brand to be seen as a sales machine!

Keep your online events fun and engaging while also driving sales by keeping our four tips in mind.

1. Target the Right Audience

You won’t generate leads or sales if you don’t target the right audience!

From the beginning, make sure your online event topics, speakers, and promotions are all geared toward the audience most likely to convert into paying customers. Additionally, make it a point to target those who have the highest chance of developing a lasting relationship with your brand.

2. Gain Trust and Be Truthful

Before signing up for a virtual event, attendees want to know they can trust you to provide useful information and/or entertainment.

But trust isn’t easily gained! You must demonstrate to potential participants that they can trust your brand to deliver high-quality virtual event content. You can acquire this trust through online promotions on social media and in email marketing messages, as well as the information shared on your website.

Remember, to gain the trust of your audience, you must be truthful. Never share content with unsubstantiated or outlandish claims about your event, product, service, or industry. Be honest and transparent with every aspect of your virtual event.

Building trust before the virtual event begins also leads to a higher chance of them trusting you with their purchase.

3. Believe In What You Sell

If you don’t believe in your product or service, why should your virtual event participants? It’s not enough to sell your products and services; you have to truly believe in them!

Communicate your firm belief in the products and services by incorporating any of the following sales tactics:

  • Share personal testimonials about your experience with the products
  • Show the products/services in action
  • Gather and share customer testimonials
  • Demonstrate the benefits gained from buying the product/service

4. Focus on Business Relationship Compatibility

For B2B businesses, focus on generating virtual event leads with exceptional business relationship compatibility. After all, long-term clients are more likely to buy more from your company and recommend your products and services to others!

Although the short, quick sale may be enticing, it won’t lead to long-term growth or revenue for your business. Instead, qualify leads based on their ability to be a lasting partner. This means they must align with your culture and values, understand the benefits of your products and services, and be interested in helping your company grow as well. A few conversations or video conferencing meetings will help you determine whether a lead will be a good client.

Follow our tips, and you’ll enjoy sales-generating virtual events from here on out!

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