How to Create Online Events that Inspire and Connect Audiences

How to Create Online Events that Inspire and Connect Audiences

Do you find your audience checking out during your online events? No doubt, remote attendees at webcasts and other online events are often surrounded by distractions, from pets and kids to an entire internet of interesting things at their fingertips.

According to the Event Manager blog, 31% of event management professionals cited audience engagement as their biggest challenge. While attendance may be up for online events versus in-person meetings, that doesn’t mean all your attendees are absorbing the messages your presenters deliver.

Fortunately, the right webcast technology and a reputable support team can help you create more engaging online events. Here are three elements you should look at to increase engagement and remote audience participation:

Ensure High-Quality Audio and Video

If you’re streaming your favorite show and experiencing lots of lag or ping, you’re likely to tune out quickly. It’s the same thing for audience members watching a webcast. A solid network connection and reliable, cloud-based Software as a Service solution can help you deliver the quality experience today’s remote attendees expect from any online meeting.

Audio and video quality also makes a tremendous difference in audience engagement. High-definition video and high-quality audio can provide a better experience than some audience members might get from attending an event in person.

Deploy Live Polling and Q&A Options for a More Interactive Event

It’s a given that remote audience members want to be able to see and hear your webcast. But make them feel more connected by taking advantage of live polling and even Q&A features that are part of your webcast software.

Of course, make sure you monitor the chat and respond to questions and observations in a timely manner without interrupting the flow of your meeting. It might be smart to schedule Q&A breaks every 15 to 30 minutes or between each meeting segment. Make sure to let attendees know you’ll be replying to questions at set intervals.

Connect Social Media Interaction with Your Webcast for More Engagement

Online events miss one key element that attracted professionals to in-person gatherings: networking opportunities. However, you can leverage social media to keep audience members engaged and encourage them to connect with each other.

Hold social media contests and challenges on your demographics’ preferred platforms, whether that is Twitter, Instagram, TikTok or Facebook. Consider an after-hours happy hour via video or on social media, giving attendees a chance to get to know each other and maybe even compare notes on the day’s content.

After all, when people are talking about your online events after they’ve logged off the webcast for the day, that’s when you know you’ve achieved success.

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