How to Minimize Risk with Operator Assisted Online Events

How to Minimize Risk with Operator-Assisted Online Events

Online events are the new frontier. From virtual conferences to online networking opportunities through video chats, companies are leveraging and scaling online events to meet their bottom line. But, with hosting large-scale online events comes inherent risk. What happens when event attendees can’t figure out how to log-in to the conference? Do you have a plan of action if you experience technical difficulties on the day of the event? What will your team do if the keynote speaker backs out at the last minute? All of these concerns are valid and can be alleviated when you rely on an Operator-Assisted online event service.

What is an Operator-Assisted Online Event?

Operator assisted online events put the minds of busy professionals at ease through full-service professional care. From managing call delays to providing a secure conference experience, the online event operators at PGi are there to ensure a smooth event experience for all. As a result of this service, companies experience several areas of minimized risk and better outcomes.

How Does This Minimize Risk?

With a team of event professionals on your side, you don’t have to worry about the little details like event registration technology or call management. Instead, you can focus on the bigger picture and larger goals, such as event promotion.

Comprehensive Reporting

Of course, thorough reporting is the key to a successful event and future virtual events. Throughout your virtual event, your team will be collecting critical quantitative and qualitative data such as attendee information, attendance percentages, answers from interactive polls, and so much more. Use this data to influence future event decisions!

Constant Customer Support

All business owners know that better participant experiences lead to better event outcomes overall. The Operator Assisted online events team goes above and beyond to ensure that each participant has an unparalleled experience with your event. And, they’re also available to help you from start to finish! Whether you need help creating a registration page or solving a technical problem, you can have confidence knowing they’re ready to help at any time.

Beneficial Event Features

On top of having dedicated event professionals at your side, Operator-Assisted online events also offer a suite of features like:
  • Slide Assist - Create and share captivating slides, interact with participants, and collect questions.
  • Event Transcription - Participants and team members alike benefit from reviewing event transcriptions afterward.
  • Security - Guarantee that only the right participants enter the event with high-profile security features.
Check out how your team can benefit from the Operator Assisted online event services from PGi today.


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