Virtual Town Halls: How to Produce a Secure and Flawless Webcast

Virtual Town Halls: How to Produce a Secure and Flawless Webcast

Town hall meetings provide residents of a community an opportunity to assemble and discuss concerns, challenges and opportunities within their areas. Community leaders can address the concerns of constituents and can also vote on issues.

Likewise, companies can also host virtual town halls to bring together executive leadership and employees to discuss the issues, challenges, and opportunities facing an organization.

Whether you’re producing a virtual town hall for your business or community, a secure, flawless, and — most importantly — seamless town hall experience is crucial to building and strengthening connections.

Virtual town halls make it easier than ever for community members or remote employees to participate through their home computer, laptop, or even a mobile device with internet access. Here are some of the elements that go into successful virtual town halls for businesses and municipalities:

Preparation Before the Event Leads to Flawless Execution

Many people have grown accustomed to video conferencing during the pandemic. According to Global Market Insights, video conferencing market share will grow to more than $50 billion by 2026.

But that doesn’t mean town officials or corporate executives know how to use the specific software required to host virtual town halls. They might also lack in presenting during hybrid events, which combine a small group of in-person attendees with many remote participants.

Allocate at least 30 minutes of training with your event producers prior to the webcast to ensure everyone knows how to use the technology. Your webcasting provider should offer:

  • Presenter coaching
  • Tech support before the event
  • Emergency tech support for attendees and presenters during the event

Proper Promotion and Preparation Ensures Large Numbers of People Can Be Involved

Distributing promotions about the event via email, social media, and other channels prior to the event can ensure that your virtual town halls are inclusive, with a wide variety of viewpoints recognized. Virtual town hall meetings offer residents who may not have attended in-person events due to lack of time or transportation an opportunity to have their voices heard.

Similarly, corporate virtual town halls can make remote employees feel like part of the team. Ensure that every employee has the means to attend via a secure network connection and the support necessary for a seamless technology experience.

Secure Connections Protect Your Community, Employees and Company Data

Corporate virtual town halls often involve discussions of proprietary information. Hosting the meetings on a secure network is crucial to protecting your company and employees. Your provider should give you the capability to scale your town hall webcast up to thousands of people while maintaining security through:

  • Password protection
  • Login authentication for guests and presenters
  • The ability to limit access to select participants

Network Uptime Helps Ensure a Positive Experience

With your agenda set and training complete, you can be confident moving forward with your event. Or can you? Your technology provider should be able to ensure network uptime for their systems with the necessary backups to ensure your event goes smoothly.

Corporate executives should work with their IT teams to do everything possible to maintain network uptime at a local level for presenters. This could mean that presenters safely gather in the corporate office to ensure a more reliable connection, while remote attendees watch from their homes or anywhere with a stable connection.

Successful virtual town halls require the right people and the right technology to stay on track and host a productive webcast that helps all employees or community members feel included and involved.

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