Four Innovative Ways to Keep Your Workforce Engaged through Virtual Town Halls

Four Innovative Ways to Keep Your Workforce Engaged through Virtual Town Halls

Town hall meetings invite all of your employees to learn about the current and future state of the organization. They are often a great opportunity for employees and leadership teams to connect. However, with the majority of town halls now being held virtually, companies need to find innovative ways to keep employees engaged from the comfort of their home office. Keep your remote teams engaged during your next town hall meeting with our four tips.

1. Highlight Company and Employee Accomplishments

Although your team may be physically disconnected, you can unite everyone by celebrating company and individual employee accomplishments. Doing so gives your team a sense of pride and belonging while also motivating them to continue the company’s growth. Look for opportunities to highlight new hires, employee anniversaries, departmental accomplishments, and more!

2. Host a Q&A Session

Your employees are curious about what’s happening at the company. Keep them engaged during a town hall meeting by providing the opportunity for a Q&A session with company leaders. Offering such a session gives employees an inside look at the inner workings and direction of the company.

3. Encourage Productive Feedback

A great way to keep employees engaged throughout a virtual town hall meeting is to encourage them to provide feedback. This can be conducted anonymously online or as an “open forum” style discussion during the town hall meeting. Or, employees can use the chat and “raise hand” webcast features to provide their feedback in real-time during the meeting.

4. Provide Opportunities for Breaks

Between the discussions, financial information, company updates, and so much more, town hall meetings can go on for hours. And, we all know that our attention and motivation diminish after at least an hour of active listening and engagement. With this in mind, give your employees opportunities to take a short break! This will keep their minds fresh, relaxed, and ready to participate rather than falling asleep in their home office. Put our advice into action at your next virtual town hall meeting and watch your employee engagement skyrocket.


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