Four Webcasting Tips for Effective Lead and Demand Generation

Four Webcasting Tips for Effective Lead and Demand Generation

If your company is like most brands, you rely on several forms of lead and demand generation tactics. From online advertising to pricing promotions, there are several ways to drive interest from new leads.

For many, webcasts provide an exceptional opportunity to identify prospective leads.

But, if your webcasts aren’t up to par, you’ll have a hard time driving demand and overall registration. Keep our four tips in mind as you leverage webcasts as part of a larger lead generation strategy.

1. Always Use Consistent Branding

Potential customers are always on the hunt for new information. And they want to receive that information from companies and partners they can trust.

As you develop a webcasting plan for lead generation, make sure to brand all of your efforts and touchpoints. By fully branding your emails, landing pages, one-on-one communications, and posts, you show potential leads that your company can be trusted and is a viable resource for information.

You can even brand your webcast platform to further build on lead trust. Failing to brand your webcasting efforts will only confuse leads and improperly position your brand in the minds of registrants.

2. Integrate Webcast Efforts with Your CRM

You’re using webcasts to generate high-quality leads for your business. If you’re using unorganized spreadsheets to track registration and lead information, you’re setting your organization up for failure.

Instead, integrate your webcast platform with your customer relationship management software for a comprehensive approach to lead generation. As new leads register for your webinars and webcasts, their information will automatically be added to your CRM and tracked as they interact with your campaigns and content—leading to a wealth of useful information for your sales team!

3. Effectively Capture Lead Information

During the registration process, you’ll capture pertinent lead contact information such as their email and phone number. Be sure to also include fields for lead qualifying data such as:

  • The challenges their organization is facing
  • Why they are signing up for your webcast
  • Company size and role
  • Company website

Think about the lead information your sales team needs to be successful and include these fields as part of the registration sign-up form.

4. Set Participant Expectations Before the Webcast Begins

All webcast communications and content should aim to prepare participants and set expectations before the webcast begins.

This helps leads understand:

  • What they signed up for
  • What they can expect to learn during your webcast
  • Any steps they need to take before the webcast
  • How your team will follow up after the event

This transparent approach will ensure your leads are primed for the sales process before, during, and after streaming your webcasts.

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