Build Your Sales Funnel: Advice for Before, During, and After Virtual Events

How to Build Your Sales Funnel: Advice for Before, During, and After Virtual Events

Long gone are the days of in-person meetings with vendors and potential leads during industry conferences. With the shift toward a remote workforce and digital landscape, companies who previously relied on building an sales funnel are making the transition to virtual events.

While much of the same principles apply to virtual events, developing an effective sales funnel starts well before the event begins.

We’ll show you what you need to know for demand generation as part of your virtual events strategy.

Before the Event: Make Registration a Breeze

A seamless registration process is the key to a successful virtual event.

If you make registering for your event a cumbersome process, you’ll only have a few attendees to pitch to. Instead, make it easy for your audience to sign up to attend—and easy for your business to collect pertinent lead data.

While you could opt for the standard registration form, why not make it even easier for attendees with a programmed registration chatbot? Your event chatbot will walk potential attendees through registration in a fun and conversational manner, making the signup process a fun experience rather than a chore.

Email Reminders

Automated email campaigns are an essential part of the virtual event sales process. This email campaign is triggered by an event signup and serves relevant event content to the attendee in predetermined intervals.

Use this opportunity to send timely reminders leading up to the event. Common options include the week before, the day before, and day of emails reminding registrants about the content and speakers they can expect from your virtual event.

During the Virtual Event: Encourage Engagement

As attendees interact with your virtual event, you’ll begin to collect data that works to qualify them as a lead.

Did they log-in to the event? How long did they view the content? Did they use any of the interactive webcast features? In what ways did they participate in the event?

Be sure to also engage with attendees outside of the virtual event platform by posting on social media throughout the event. Not only does this encourage interaction among event participants, but it also catches the attention of new leads at the same time. Offer the option for participants to refer a friend to watch your event in real-time to increase day-of signups too!

After the Event: Always Follow Up

When it comes to building an effective sales funnel, the follow-up stage is the key to converting virtual event participants into paying customers.

Use the follow-up email as an opportunity to:

  • Share recorded event content with those who attended and those who missed the event
  • Set up meetings with leads and your sales team
  • Offer to arrange individualized product or service demonstrations
  • Provide access to exclusive event content on-demand

As you’re following up with participants, make every effort to personalize each message. Mass emails can come across as impersonal and cold and will not help to close the sale!

Of course, none of this is possible without the proper virtual event platform. Elevate your sales opportunities with the interactive features, reports, and security tools available with GlobalMeet Webcast from PGi.

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