How to Effectively and Securely Manage Investor Relations Virtually

How to Effectively and Securely Manage Investor Relations Virtually

Hosting large-scale investor presentations, meetings, and events can be a hassle. Between finding a mutually agreeable time to meet, organizing the content, and handling the call, it’s a lot to manage! Fortunately, the advancement of webcasting and audio and video conferencing tools has made managing investor relations virtually a breeze. When you need to communicate and collaborate with investors virtually, keep our advice in mind for a successful event.

Ensure a Secure Experience for All

Depending on the nature of your call, you may be sharing sensitive or classified content. It is your responsibility to make sure that this information does not get into the wrong hands. Webcasting tools such as GlobalMeet Webcast by PGi are fully equipped with a suite of security tools designed to guarantee that only the participants you select have access to the content and event. From requiring passwords to manually admitting participants into a call, there are multiple security features you can leverage for a safe and secure experience for every investor involved.

Rely on Operator Assisted Services

Your organization may need to host hundreds or thousands of investors on a single call or streaming webcast. That’s a lot for one person to manage! Fortunately, tools like operator-assisted calls are available to alleviate this problem. In addition to helping all participants access the call, operator-assisted conferences and online events provide companies with peace of mind. Instead of focusing on call quality for all 1,000+ investors, brands can focus their energy on providing an engaging earnings call or yearly review.

Leverage Interactive Features When Possible

Investor relations calls can be tiresome and boring. You don’t want your investors to doze off in the middle of your presentation. Take advantage of interactive webcasting and video conferencing features to keep your investors engaged. From chat features to polling options, you’ll have multiple opportunities to receive real-time feedback from investors while keeping them engaged in the presentation.

Review Call Analytics and Adapt

Once your investor relations call has concluded, take time to review your webcast analytics. Use these reports to determine what went well and what your team can do better next time. Be sure to measure webcast KPIs such as:
  • Viewer retention
  • Device type
  • Sessions per on-demand viewer
Analyzing these metrics will help your virtual investor relations calls improve each time. Of course, none of this is possible unless you have the right webcasting platform! Trust GlobalMeet Webcast to transform your investor relations calls from a boring presentation to a call your investors look forward to.

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