Promote and Sell Your Products and Services through Online Events

How to Promote and Sell Your Products and Services through Online Events

No one likes being sold to. It’s why people don’t enjoy going to a car dealership or shopping for an expensive item.

To help customers feel more at ease, companies look for other opportunities to educate the customer and capture a sale in the process. In today’s virtual world, you can accomplish this through interactive and intriguing online events such as webcasts.

But, selling your products and services through a webcast or online event is an art form! We’ll show you how to promote your brand and make a sale via a webcast. Let’s get started.

Define Your Goal & Choose the Event Topic

Before you begin organizing an event, you need to have a measurable, definable goal. (No, “more sales” is not a good goal!)

Goals can include increasing lead demand by 15% over the quarter or selling a specific quantity of a product within the month.

Whatever your goal may be, this is what your webcast topic will tie back to.

For instance, if the goal was to increase sales of a marketing SaaS product by 25% before the end of the quarter, a few webcast and online event topics can include:

  • 3 Critical Marketing KPIs for the Enterprise & Why
  • How to Increase Leads through Marketing Automation
  • Restructuring Your Processes for Marketing & Sales Success

On top of being related to your goal, webcast topics must be intriguing to customers. Otherwise, they won’t sign up, and you won’t have the opportunity to promote your products and services.

Make Registration Easy

Your sales process starts from the moment your audience discovers the webcast or online event. This means you must make the registration process easy to complete.

After all, if registering for your event is difficult, potential leads will equate this experience to how using your product or service will be, too.

Use a quick and simple registration form—connected to your CRM, of course—and use an automated email marketing campaign to send event information and reminders.

Don’t Start Selling Immediately

Sorry, but most leads aren’t attending your webcast because they want to hear all about your products and services. They want to learn about the topic at hand!

Don’t jump into the sales process from the moment your webcast starts streaming. Instead, slowly integrate your products and services as a benefit or solution throughout the webcast.

This will show your leads that they have options for solving their problem or putting their newfound knowledge to good use.

Always Follow Up

Chances of a sale happening immediately after a webcast are slim. It’s your responsibility to follow up with each online event participant to continue the sales process.

Failing to follow up practically guarantees the loss of a potential customer. Follow up to see how they enjoyed the virtual event and continue the sales efforts from there!

Now, get out there and start selling your products and services through online events on a trusted platform like GlobalMeet Webcast from PGi.

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