Three Best Practices for HR Communications in Virtual Business

Three Best Practices for HR Communications in Virtual Business

With much of the global workforce transitioning into full-time remote work, human resources departments need to adapt their processes and functions to accommodate a virtual workspace. Fortunately, this couldn’t be easier with the use of tools such as webcasts and video conferencing platforms. If your human resources team is looking to improve their communications processes, keep these three best practices in mind.

1. Streamline Onboarding Practices

Since onboarding practices cannot take place in person, every effort must be taken to ensure that the new employee understands what is expected of them and what they need to know about their new place of employment. For HR departments, this means creating and communicating an onboarding checklist and agenda for new hires. On this checklist, include one-on-one video calls with each hire and on-demand webcasts. Webcasts are an excellent platform to deliver a myriad of onboarding information such as:
  • Company policies
  • An intro to company products/services/etc.
  • Review of company benefits
  • Forms that must be signed and returned
Your onboarding agenda should also include a deadline for completing each webcast.

2. Delivering Company Updates and Policies

Human resources departments are also responsible for delivering any company updates, news, and new policies. If an HR department attempts to communicate a change in company policy over a poorly worded email, issues will arise. Instead, rely on an on-demand webcast to effectively and clearly communicate company updates and policies. This allows employees to view the webcast content at their desired speed and thoroughly comprehend the information. Also, consider hosting town hall meetings virtually rather than attempting to communicate company-wide information via a Slack message or email.

3. Always Use Secure Communications Channels

When working as a human resources specialist, you’ll be discussing and sending personal, often private, information about your employees. With this in mind, it is crucial to always use a secure communications channel to ensure unwanted parties don’t intercept personal details such as social security numbers or private information. Webcast and video conferencing tools like GlobalMeet from PGi offer a wealth of security features designed to protect personal and company information. Elevate your virtual human resources department to the next level by following these best practices and integrating webcasts into each step.


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