Three Tips for Successful Account-Based Marketing Webcast Strategies

Three Tips for Successful Account-Based Marketing Webcast Strategies

Most businesses adopt a vague approach to targeting audiences, often opting to market to the masses. While this option can work, account-based marketing strategies provide marketers with a better path to success through targeted virtual opportunities and tactics. Wordstream defines Account-based marketing (ABM) as “a strategic marketing strategy where key business accounts are marketed to directly, as units of one (compared to the typical one-to-many approach.)” Marketers identify high-volume or high-revenue accounts and tailor their strategies to target these potential clients. Naturally, leveraging webcasts is a popular sales tactic for ABM teams due to their versatile nature and ability to deliver on-demand, customized content. If your brand intends to use webcasts as part of an account-based marketing approach, keep our three tips in mind.

1. Create Webcast Topics Around Account Challenges

The goal of using webcasts for account-based marketing is to deliver solutions or educational content that meets the needs of the account(s). Think about what challenges the account faces on a regular basis. How does your product or service work as the solution? Use these questions as a foundation for determining which topics to discuss in a targeted webcast. Craft webcast topics as educational opportunities, not sales objectives. You need to attract the attention of decision-makers at your target account rather than drive them away with blatant sales efforts.

2. Personalize Everything

Account-based marketing relies on an in-depth knowledge of your prospect account and their teams. With this in mind, do everything in your power to personalize the webcast experience. From the landing page to the follow-up emails, personalize every aspect of the webcast. If possible, you can create custom introductions and segments for an on-demand webcast, making the experience feel individualized rather than designed for the masses.

3. Include the Sales Team Throughout Each Webcast

The key to a successful account-based marketing strategy and webcast is to have your sales and marketing teams aligned. While the marketing team is responsible for the webcast content and delivery, the sales team needs to seal the deal. With this in mind, make sure to include your sales team in every step of the webcast creation and delivery process—including being involved in the webcast itself. Let your sales team log in to the webcast, introduce themselves, answer questions from participants, and interact in the chat room. Doing so puts a face to the brand and helps potential clients feel comfortable trusting your business with their challenges and needs. Ready to incorporate webcasts into your ABM strategy? Rely on the powerful GlobalMeet Webcast platform from PGi to get the job done and impress your target accounts.


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