Tips to Take Your Online Events to the Next Level

Five Tips to Take Your Online Events to the Next Level

Doesn’t it seem like everyone hosts the same online event?

The same topic is repeated over and over by a different brand or industry authority figure, without much change. To avoid falling into the trap of boring webcasts and online events, put our five tips to good use!

1. Spice Up Your Event Topics

When it comes to online events, webcasts, webinars, and more, everyone always talks about best practices or “Top of Funnel” topics like the industry basics.

Attract and captivate your audience by choosing more in-depth topics or using your online event to demonstrate an intricate process. Doing this sets your brand apart from the competition and helps refine your target audience in the process.

2. Partner with High-Profile Guest Speakers and Brands

By partnering with an influential industry speaker or brand, you actively increase your online event’s reach and capture the attention of a larger audience market.

At the same time, doing so improves your brand authority and reputation within the industry. Bringing in high-profile brands and influencers is sure to gain traction and take your event to the next level.

Plus, you can rely on partner promotions to effectively increase your event’s reach, too!

3. Create Highly Visual Event Content

No one enjoys listening to a speaker drone on and on about a boring topic.

Instead, make your online event the one to remember by leveraging engaging graphics, video, and other media. And, by making your online event available on-demand, audiences can return to view the content at their leisure.

4. Let Your Audience Interact with the Webcast

Think about the last virtual event you signed up for. Did you stare at the screen the whole time? That’s boring! And, what did you really get out of it?

Keep your audience engaged throughout the entire event by letting them interact with your webcast. Webcast platforms like GlobalMeet Webcast from PGi offer interactive features such as:

  • Chat boxes
  • Polling
  • Q&A

Encouraging viewers to use these features keeps them captivated for longer.

5. Develop & Share Exclusive Attendee Content

The key to taking your online events to the next level is to develop a community of participants that return for new events. You can accomplish this by creating exclusive content only available to event attendees.

This exclusivity makes your audiences feel welcome and part of a group, rather than feeling like one-time viewers. Additionally, this action continues to position your business as an authority and helps convert viewers into customers.

Put our tips into action for your next online event and watch the results roll in.

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