How to Provide High-Quality, Live Video Webcasting Without Straining Your Network

How to Provide High-Quality, Live Video Webcasting Without Straining Your Network

Has this happened to you?

You’ve worked hard to prepare a thorough and captivating webcast presentation. Right when you go live to your viewers, your employees notice the company network begin to get spotty or ultra-slow.

Streaming live video at high quality can put a damper on your company’s network, making it difficult for the rest of the team to do their work—especially at the enterprise level.

Fortunately, we know exactly what your company needs to be able to stream high-quality live and on-demand video content as well as webcasts without straining your network: Hive Streaming.

Rely on PGi’s Hive Streaming Integration

GlobalMeet Webcast from PGi now integrates with Hive Streaming to provide a seamless live and on-demand virtual event experience for all involved.

Hive’s peer-to-peer streaming service allows all parties to view the same stream on their device of choice, rather than each person pulling their own stream.

The result enables companies to stream high-quality video to everyone without the need for additional hardware, bandwidth, or other software.

Best of all, the integration uses GlobalMeet’s user-friendly interface, meaning your viewers can watch your live or on-demand content easily without any additional apps, software, or external accounts.

Without this integration, your organization will end up dealing with:

  • Poor network connections internally
  • Dropped calls and webcast connections
  • Frustrated webcast viewers
  • Declining webcast registration numbers

It makes sense for your internal teams and your webcasting goals to make the switch and integrate your enterprise-level streaming content with Hive Streaming.

In-Depth Webcast Reporting

For enterprises, live webcasts and on-demand video content are an essential part of your sales and marketing strategies.

Once you’ve solved the strained network issue by integrating with Hive Streaming, you can tap into Hive and GlobalMeet’s wealth of data to optimize your future webcasts and virtual events.

The reports derived from your past virtual events and webcasts will be useful for your sales and marketing teams to leverage moving forward.

Use Hive Streaming Today!

We’re ready to show you how our Hive Streaming integration will take your large-scale live webcasting efforts to the next level. Reach out, and let’s get started.

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