Three Best Practices for Investor Relations in a Virtual World

Three Best Practices for Investor Relations in a Virtual World

Your investors come from all over the world. Regardless of their location, they still deserve to be in the loop when it comes to company news, updates, and earnings.

Virtual investor relations isn’t a difficult concept, but it can be executed poorly if you’re not careful.

Instead of dropping the ball and losing the trust of your worldwide investors, use our three virtual investor relations best practices.

1. Secure Communications

From informational webcasts to earnings calls and everything in between, you’re sharing critical and possibly confidential information with your investors virtually. You want to guarantee that your investors are the only ones receiving this information.

Provide investors with a secure webcast and meetings experience by taking advantage of security features such as:

  • Password protection
  • Login authentication
  • Limited audience access

Implementing strong security procedures will give your investors peace of mind knowing the information is communicated safely.

2. Reliable Call Connections

There is nothing more embarrassing than dropping the call connection in the middle of a vital earnings call or town hall meeting—leaving your stakeholders hanging and waiting for the connection to return.

Always ensure that your call connection is solid and reliable before streaming event content. Additionally, you can rely on Operator Assisted support services to guarantee that your call goes smoothly from start to finish.

3. Timely Customer Service

Investor relations is all about communicating effectively with your investors, no matter where in the world they’re located. As a result, your investors may have questions about the state of the business, their investment, and other operational queries.

It’s your responsibility to provide timely customer service before, during, and after pertinent earnings calls. On top of email communications, allow investors to ask questions either by “raising their hands” or using the chat feature during a secure webcast.

It All Starts with the Right Investor Relations Platform

You can’t provide safe and dependable investor relations communications and webcasts if you use an unsecured platform without the right features.

Instead, look to GlobalMeet Webcast from PGi to connect you with investors from all over the world.

With secure and interactive features, your investors and stakeholders will trust your business to deliver timely information related to the company’s status. Discover how GlobalMeet Webcast can transform your investor relations needs

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