Why Excellent Customer Support is Critical for Large-Scale Enterprise Webcasts

Why Excellent Customer Support is Critical for Large-Scale Enterprise Webcasts

Are you about to host a large-scale webcast at the enterprise level?

First, congratulations!

Second, are you prepared to offer phenomenal customer service to your attendees? Do you have a plan in place to handle last-minute connection errors, login requests, and other issues?

Top-notch customer support is one of the pillars of webcast success stories at the enterprise level. We’ll show you why and how to get started.

Customer Support is Often Overlooked in Enterprise Events

In an online event that draws the attention of thousands of viewers, far too many enterprise-level companies fail to even consider customer support.

Instead, they’re focusing solely on webcast content and promotion.

Then, when customers have a question about logging in, the webcast details, or other concerns, they’re met with a lackluster or automated response. Or worse, they don’t receive a response at all.

You can surprise and delight your event attendees with exceptional customer support that:

  • Convinces them to return for future virtual events
  • Fosters a sense of trust in your brand
  • Increases the likelihood they’ll tell others in their network about your company and events

Providing customer support offers benefits far beyond the immediate webcast event.

Enterprise-Level Events Will Have Issues

Hosting an event of that magnitude, you’re bound to run into a problem or two. From connection troubles to viewer browser issues, something will happen.

But, when you rely on an Operator-Assisted service for your webcast, you and your webcast participants can trust a team of trained operators to keep the show running smoothly. Your team of operators will handle everything from helping customers enter the webcast to answering event-related questions.

Customer Support Leads to Webcast Conversions

It’s simple:

The more webcast viewers can trust your brand, the greater chance you’ll have of converting them into a paying client.

If viewers ask a question and receive a terrible response, they’ll instantly move on to your competitor.

It pays to develop a webcast customer support strategy with help from Operator Assisted services and offer unbeatable support for viewers.

Trust Operator Assisted Service to Provide Webcast Viewers with Exceptional Support

The key to a successful enterprise-level webcast or virtual event is Operator-Assisted services. With this trained team of webcast pros at the helm, you can focus on other aspects of your event while they take care of helping your audience.

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