How to Increase Attendance Through Innovative Pre-Event Marketing

How to Increase Attendance Through Innovative Pre-Event Marketing

It happens all the time in the virtual event arena.

Companies drive phenomenal event registration numbers, but a fraction of confirmed participants show up on the day. This situation leaves marketers wondering what went wrong and what they could have done better.

Rather than trying the same plan again, marketers need to focus on innovative pre-event marketing tactics to excite registrants and convince them to commit to attending the event.

Here’s how:

Email Marketing Reminders

Virtual event activities skyrocketed by 1,000% in 2020 due to the global pandemic. This major increase means that customers are inundated with opportunities to attend various online events, from expert panels to full-fledged virtual conferences.

If they didn’t attend your event, it was likely due to virtual event fatigue or because they forgot.

With this in mind, your event needs to stand out from the rest. You can accomplish this by continuously reminding registrants about the virtual event.

Create an automated email marketing sequence filled with insightful event content. This type of content can include:

  • Introduction Videos from Scheduled Speakers
  • Presentation Sneak-Peeks
  • Relevant Articles
  • Event Agenda
  • Interactive Media

Be sure to use these emails to explain what attendees can expect from the event. Use clear, actionable language and direct them to where they can find more event info on your website.

When putting together an email sequence, space the emails out by a few days leading up to the event. Try a sequence like:

  • Two weeks before
  • One week before
  • Four days before
  • Two days before
  • Day before
  • Day of

Social Media Content

Many businesses make the mistake of posting about their event on social media once.

To keep potential attendees engaged and interested, your social media team needs to regularly publish content related to the virtual event. From videos to articles, interviews with past attendees, and event details, make sure your social media channels are active with event-related content.

Plus, don’t forget to interact with people talking about the event online, too. Use social media listening tools to identify relevant conversations and jump in!

Reach Out Personally to Registrants

While automated email sequences and mass social media posts are a great tactic to drive attendance, nothing beats personally interacting with registrants.

Reach out to each individual signed up for the event and start a conversation! Ask them what questions they have. Tell them about some of the speakers or sessions lined up. See what they’re interested in! These conversations will make registrants more likely to attend if they have a personal connection to the event.

Of course, at the enterprise level, reaching out to thousands of people is a bit much. Tackle this challenge by gathering a team and creating an email message template for each person to send.

Every Well-Attended Virtual Event Begins With the Right Platform

If you go through all the work to increase attendance with pre-event marketing, your virtual event platform needs to be able to perform. Trust GlobalMeet Webcast from PGi to provide a secure and powerful virtual event experience for all involved.

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