Simulive Online Events and Why They Are Essential

Simulive Online Events and Why They Are Essential

If you’re using webcasts or other virtual events to drive leads and increase sales in your organization, is your content making the impact it should? Many companies are turning to simulive online events to get more bang for their buck out of their virtual events.

But first, what is a simulive event, and how is it different from a regular recorded webcast?

What Is a Simulive Event?

A simulive event takes the best aspects of a recorded webinar and combines it with many of the features of a live virtual event to increase engagement. After all, when you’re hosting a webcast, you don’t have a captive audience. Sure, they may have paid to view your event, but if you aren’t enticing and engaging them, they can easily tune out. It’s less likely people would walk out in the middle of a live event, but they can easily switch tabs in their Web browser during your webcast if they get bored or don’t feel entertained and informed by your content.

What Is the Difference Between a Regular Recorded Webcast and a Simulive Event?

Pre-recording your town hall meeting, press conference, or other virtual events has many advantages. Your webcast won’t be affected by technical difficulties, presenter errors, or anything else that could go wrong during a live broadcast.

However, pre-recorded events lack the real-time interaction that helps keep attendees engaged. A simulive event keeps viewers engaged by asking questions, providing Q&A opportunities, and keeping chats open. However, it also has the advantage of being pre-recorded, so you know it will run properly. A simulive event delivers a seamless, polished performance, combined with audience interaction that can help increase sales and leads.

Use Simulive Virtual Events for Evergreen Branding Initiative and Promotions

A live webinar works great for new product introductions and press conferences. But often, you want to deliver consistent messaging to audiences at different times. A simulive event can help your organization emphasize your evergreen branding initiatives while making the webcast feel like a completely new experience each time, thanks to audience interaction.

Simulive events add layers of interaction to your virtual events that can help in your marketing efforts. But they require professional support from technology experts to execute them seamlessly.

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