Private Label Partnerships for Web and Video Conferencing

The Power of Private Label Partnerships for Web and Video Conferencing

There’s no doubt your business has changed in the past year since the COVID-19 pandemic. Work, and the growth of remote work, was already evolving substantially thanks to the advent of new technologies. But web and video conferencing experienced unprecedented adoption for everything from press conferences to shareholder meetings to town halls and, of course, regular company meetings.

The web and video conferencing category for business technology saw increases in buyer activity, while businesses increased their video conferencing spend, UC Today reported. What if you could get in on some of that revenue without requiring expensive equipment or a background in web and video conferencing?

The Solution: Private Label/White Label Meeting Software

Private label/white label meeting software from a top-rated, reputable web and video conferencing company enables you to provide the best service and technology to further build your reputation as a one-stop communications shop for business owners.

Local carriers, especially, can benefit from offering this value-added service in a private label/white label capacity, as business owners are already looking to you to provide this service. Yet, you don’t want to turn to an OTT provider, which is already taking market share from your company. You want a true private label/white label solution from a non-competing company with extensive web and video conferencing expertise as their core competency.

What to Expect from a Private Label/White Label Partnership

When you choose a provider to deliver the meeting services your customers need, you want to find someone that supports you on every level. Your provider should have customized sales collateral and pricing to make the offering truly “plug-and-play” for your company. It should provide training to your customers in a white label capacity, along with the exemplary customer service you have always delivered to your clients.

Through a dedicated team of channel partners, you should be able to generate more leads and close sales easier, enabling multiple opportunities for upsells of comprehensive product packages.

Additionally, security should remain a key consideration to ensure a seamless, stress-free experience for everyone from C-Level execs down to employees at every level.

What Local Carriers Can Bring to Private Label / White Label Partnerships

Local carriers understand the driving needs and pain points of their customers like no one else can. By supporting your customers with enterprise-grade meeting software, as well as the communications infrastructure they need for web and video conferencing, you can transform into a one-stop technology shop for a hybrid workforce. And you can use your data center of choice, combining technologies in such a way that you can control the whole experience for your customers.

As we enter a new era, many businesses are reimagining the workplace for enhanced productivity and employee satisfaction. The right technology strategy, and the right strategic partners, are the key to success.

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