How to Market Your Virtual Events When Your Audience is Global

How to Market Your Virtual Events When Your Audience is Global

Virtual events have been available to global audiences for years. But, 2020 proved just how beneficial these events are for enterprises across all industries. With an audience size that large, your marketing strategy needs to rise and generate demand from all over the world. Honing in on a single tactic won’t work when you have to reach thousands upon thousands of potential attendees. Naturally, a few key tactics will help you accomplish this goal and drive virtual event registrations.

Before You Begin: Is Your Webcast Ready?

Companies making the leap from in-person conferences to global virtual events are often unprepared to handle the needs of a worldwide online experience. Make sure your webcast is capable of providing high-quality streaming live or on-demand in the countries your audience resides in. A tool like GlobalMeet from PGi has all the capabilities you need for a successful virtual event. Once you’ve set your webcast up for global viewing, you can use the following tactics to generate interest and registrations:

Google and Facebook Ads

Both Google and Facebook (including Instagram) offer incredible reach and targeting capabilities. Google controls 92% of the search engine market share worldwide, and Facebook has an incredible 2.8 million users (and counting). With the ability to intricately target users, ads on these platforms are bound to reach the eyes of your specific audience. Additionally, these platforms allow advertisers to utilize several ad formats. Posting content such as one-minute webcast teaser videos, testimonials from past attendees, and a snapshot of the event agenda will do well to captivate potential attendees.

Account-Based Marketing

Reach out to past and existing clients to let them know about your upcoming virtual event. Since a relationship with the individual or company has already been established, you don’t need to spend time introducing them to your brand—you can jump right in and tell them all about what to expect. Consider providing these clients with event discounts, exclusive content, or early access to event experiences to incentivize their attendance.

Promote Your Guest Speakers

Your guest speakers will have a dedicated following. Use it to your advantage! On top of promoting the guest speakers on your own channels, ask them to promote your event as well. Whether they choose to do so through an email marketing newsletter, a social media post, or an original blog post, the exposure will help drive people to your virtual event. With these tactics in your back pocket, you’re ready to host a worldwide virtual event. But remember, you need a powerful webcasting tool by your side. Trust GlobalMeet by PGi to get the job done and stream your content to the world seamlessly.


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