Repurposing Winning Content and Using it for the Future

Repurposing Winning Content and Using it for the Future

Smart marketers look for easy ways to increase their productivity to boost sales. Repurposing proven successful content that won deals can save your company time and energy. Plus, if content worked to generate leads or close sales, why reinvent the wheel with a different strategy? Use your proven content that resonated with your audience time and again — just learn how to deliver it in different ways.

Here are a few ways you can convert a winning webcast into content that will continue to generate sales long after your live virtual event:

Identify Proven Successful Content That Won Deals

The first step in repurposing winning content is finding the content that worked the best. Check conversion rates of various blog posts, videos, and webcasts to find your shining stars. Determine what resonated about this content. What pain points did it address? What demographic did it target? What made it stand out?

Once you’ve created a list of proven successful content that won deals, you’re one step closer to working smarter, sharing this content in new and even more engaging ways.

Specific, Effective Ways to Reuse Your Content

Depending on the kind of content you want to reuse, you have multiple possibilities for repurposing it. You can easily reuse an effective webcast by creating a landing page to promote it and turning the recording into an on-demand webinar for people to watch whenever they want.

Webcasts can also be updated and then converted into a series of blog posts or an eBook. You can share slides from webinars as social media content on LinkedIn, offering people valuable information in a bite-sized snippet.

You can even take some webcast content and convert it into an audio-only podcast format for people who may want to listen to your content while driving or working on other tasks.

You can repurpose blog posts by updating the content to discuss the realities of today’s business environment as we transition to a post-pandemic world. This will give your website a boost in SEO because Google will crawl the post as new content.

You might also consider combining several blog posts into a white paper or eBook. Then, that white paper can serve as the inspiration for a fresh, timely webcast, which, of course, you’d want to record and make available as an on-demand webinar following the event.

Benefits of Repurposing Content

Once you start thinking about it, repurposing content seems like a no-brainer. Your organization probably creates hours of webcast footage and thousands of words worth of written content, possibly even monthly.

Repurposing content not only saves time, but it helps reach your audience in different ways. Some people respond better to video, while others like reading articles. Some people like their information in bite-sized bits, in the form of social media posts or infographics.

The world is changing quickly. Your content could probably use a quick update, especially if it was produced pre-pandemic or during the height of the pandemic. Once you’ve identified your best content, review it for relevance and set your marketing team on the path to re-slanting it to fit a variety of formats.

You’ll be happy to get extra mileage from your high-quality webcasts and more.

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