Three Tips to Build Trust and Keep Your Remote Team Motivated

Three Tips to Build Trust and Keep Your Remote Team Motivated

The pandemic changed so much about life, from how we interact in our free time to how and where we work. And while a majority of remote workers say they are more productive in their new, at-home setting, many also feel disconnected from their colleagues.

Office workers, especially, fear being passed over for promotions or having their hard work otherwise go unnoticed if they aren’t in the office day-to-day. It’s not easy to spend 40+ hours a week with your team, only to transition to a hybrid or fully remote work arrangement.

As restrictions lift and workers return to offices, many companies intend to keep hybrid or full remote options available for employees. This creates new challenges for managers, HR directors, and executives to build trust, respect the availability of a remote team, and continue team-building efforts, even with a far-flung workforce.

Fortunately, today’s technology, including interactive webcasts and town hall meetings, can help allay employees’ fears of feeling disconnected while building a more motivated team.

Keep Meetings Engaging, Interactive, and Visual

As we move to hybrid work arrangements, some employees will want to commute for team meetings, even if they normally work from home. But others — especially those with childcare concerns — will continue attending company webcasts.

Make sure to engage both sides of the web conference through highly interactive content. Features such as polling and Q&As can help ensure every voice is heard — whether they are seated next to you at the table or two time zones away.

Give Employees the Full Picture

Town hall meetings that bring together employees from different departments offer great team-building opportunities. Invite a variety of speakers to your virtual town hall meetings to provide updates on all core business operations — not just a single department. Employees are more motivated if they understand the big picture and larger company goals.

If you have a global workforce, consider holding multiple meetings so that you can accommodate the availability of people across many time zones.

Encourage Casual Virtual Meetings

Virtual happy hours ruled the day during the height of the pandemic. Continue the tradition to help employees who may have moved far from corporate headquarters or may not yet be comfortable in large gatherings feel more connected to the team.

A comprehensive communications platform that integrates chat functions with audio and video conferencing can help you create a “virtual water cooler” for casual conversation amongst remote co-workers. Whether you take a few minutes at the start of a meeting for small talk or hold organized virtual team-building events that are not focused on getting work done, per se, informal virtual events can help you keep your finger on the pulse of company morale and ensure you’re maintaining a company culture that encourages innovation, collaboration, and productivity.

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