Audio Quality Is Everything In Your Webcast

Audio Quality Is Everything In Your Webcast — Here’s How to Achieve The Best Sound

Nothing puts a damper on your online meeting or webcast faster than poor audio quality. Your brand hinges on a professional performance, whether you’re hosting a webcast for lead generation or a sales presentation for prospects.

Poor audio quality can also lead to meeting frustration and keep your team from getting things done. It can cause hurt feelings and diminished morale if employees speak over each other simply because they can’t hear clearly. Meetings could last twice as long as they need to if attendees have to keep repeating themselves.

However, the solution is easier than you might imagine. PGiConnect integrates with Microsoft Teams to address your most common meeting challenges.

Guests Can Connect to Your Meeting or Webcast from Any Phone

When guests try to log in via the internet to a webcast or meeting without the appropriate bandwidth, it can lead to choppy audio and dropped calls. Globally, 16% of companies are still fully remote, even as the pandemic begins to draw to a close. Plus, 62% of employees aged 22 to 65 say they work remotely at least occasionally. That means webcast attendees and workers may be connecting to your meeting from a household with shared bandwidth, leading to connectivity issues.

Yet, many of these people don’t need video for your meeting — dialing in through a mobile phone or even a landline may suffice. PGiConnect enables easy call-in capabilities from any desktop or mobile phone, with secure local, toll-free and international access numbers.

Scale Your Audio Service with Your Business

PGiConnect offers a unique “pay-as-you-go” model, so you’re not saddled with monthly fees or paying for connectivity you don’t need. You can keep your current service from any provider, connect your meeting audio with Microsoft Meet through PGiConnect, and only pay for the minutes you use each month.

Enjoy 99.9% Uptime with PGiConnect

PGiConnect knows how important it is to keep your meetings and webcasts running without interruption. That’s why we promise 99.9% uptime through our service level agreement (SLA). Plus, you can reach a live operator 24/7 for in-call support if you need assistance.

Regardless of any issues with your platform, broadband internet connection, or local network, PGiConnect audio integration means your meetings can continue without a glitch for enhanced productivity.

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