Choosing a Path Toward Virtual Event Success

Choosing a Path Toward Virtual Event Success

If you’re a human resources, investor relations, marketing, or communications professional, your mission is a familiar one: putting on a high-profile virtual event to an audience of thousands around the globe.

But getting the job done means running through a maze of requirements. If not properly implemented, each of these requirements can lead to a dead-end. That’s why you need the right solution to achieve success during your webcasts.

Let’s explore the four components you’ll need for successful virtual events, the potential dead-ends they can create, and how to overcome roadblocks through the right technology solutions for large-scale webcasts.

Security and Reliability

Cyber-security is big business, and most leaders wouldn’t dream of putting on virtual events or webcasts without the proper protection in place. A single data breach in 2020 costs an average of $3.86 million, so you don’t want to take chances that your event could lead to such a loss.

Seek out solutions that offer enterprise-grade security that integrates with your existing corporate security protocols.

In addition, you want to ensure a rock-solid internet connection with 99.9% uptime. Anything less can halt your event and damage your brand’s reputation.

Scalability and Quality

Uptime is important, of course. But the audio and video quality of your virtual events is equally crucial, whether you’re presenting to 50 or 50,000 attendees. Self-service solutions may cap events at 1,000 attendees and, even if you don’t approach that number, may create video lag for mobile users.

Instead, give your audience the high-quality video it deserves with professional solutions that accommodate audiences of up to 50,000 people with no lag.

Ease of Use and Support

Statistics show that the number one roadblock to productive remote work is technology. Whether you’re hosting a town hall for employees or webcasts for lead generation, your solution should make it easy to participate in your virtual events — for presenters and attendees alike.

Solutions like PGi’s GlobalMeet integrate seamlessly with CRM and marketing automation tools, making the steps from registration to participation easy. Audience members and presenters don’t need to download an app to participate.

And if you run into a snag? PGi’s 24/7 in-product support with access via phone, email, or live chat is there to step in.

Return on Investment

Ideally, your virtual events solution is not a liability, but an asset to your company, enabling you to generate a return-on-investment for every event. Whether you’re presenting webinars for lead generation or virtual events to connect with shareholders, you want to get the most out of your content.

Your virtual events platform should make it easy to:

  • Edit live events into on-demand content
  • Repurpose content for a variety of channels
  • Follow up with attendees based on reliable and robust event metrics.

Finally, the platform should have a straightforward all-inclusive fee so you always know what you’re paying — and what you’re getting from the service.

Embrace the Ease of White-Glove Virtual Event Services and Webcasts

GlobalMeet provides a clear path to successful virtual events and webcasts. White-glove services manage setup, customization, training, moderation, and more. Learn about GlobalMeet here.

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