Five Time-Saving Benefits of Virtual Events

Five Time-Saving Benefits of Virtual Events

Think about the last in-person event or conference you attended. Now, try to remember what your schedule was like for that event.

If you’re in the majority, chances are you were rushing around trying to make it from Point A to Point B by the designated time—all without missing the opportunity to soak up any content or event experiences offered.

It’s a lot to handle!

Virtual events provide attendees and businesses five time-saving benefits, allowing you to take a step back and focus on enjoying the event.

1. Saves on Travel Time

People travel all over the world to attend in-person events. For many, this travel time can eat up an entire day’s worth of potential event experiences.

Skip the hassle of travel by switching to virtual events.

2. Say Goodbye to Frantic Note Taking

How many conference panels or lectures have you spent scribbling down notes, trying not to miss a second of content? Say goodbye to those note-taking hand cramps!

Virtual events provide immediate transcriptions and deliver content to attendees long after the event is over. Event participants have all the event content in the palm of their hand.

3. Never Miss a Session

Another common pain point of in-person conferences is having to decide between educational sessions and speaker events. What do you do if two lectures you’d like to attend are scheduled at the same time?

Online events capture all session content, enabling participants to never miss a session and watch a captivating keynote again and again.

4. Already Primed for Content Delivery

Businesses running the in-person events always designate an individual or team to capture, edit, and distribute event-related promotional content on social media, email campaigns, etc. But these content snippets aren’t always ready on demand.

With virtual events, the content is readily available and already primed for social media and email marketing delivery. This time-saving benefit allows your team to work and focus on larger-scale tasks related to the event.

5. Faster Post-Show Lead Response Times

At in-person trade shows or conferences, vendors would need to manually capture lead details and enter them into their CRM after the event concluded. As a result, response times would be dragged out. By the time the lead received an email, they likely already forgot about the vendor.

Virtual events allow attendees to interact with sponsors and vendors seamlessly online. In addition, their data is instantly transferred into each sponsor or vendor’s CRM system. Follow-ups can happen ASAP rather than a few days later.

Make the Switch to Virtual Events

Of course, none of these time-saving benefits are possible unless you have the right virtual event solution. GlobalMeet from PGi has every tool and feature you need to run an online event that saves you time, accomplishes your objectives, and positions your brand as an authority in the industry. Learn More!

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