Four Ways to Run Virtual Conferences Better in 2021

Four Ways to Run Virtual Conferences Better in 2021

Thanks to the global events of 2020, virtual conferences have become a worldwide staple.

But, many were not prepared to run virtual conferences or online events. With limited experience in this arena, businesses made mistakes. And, 2021 is the year to learn from those errors!

Let’s explore four ways to run virtual conferences better starting in 2021.

1. Host an Event Between 1-2 Hours

Attendees don’t like to sit behind a computer screen for hours. This is why the optimal virtual event time frame is between 1-2 hours of total content.

To make your virtual conferences better, find a virtual events provider—such as GlobalMeet by PGi—that allows you to turn event formats into templates. This will enable you to create virtual events easier and more frequently.

2. Schedule Events for Wednesday Mornings

According to surveyed conference participants, Wednesdays are the best time to host an online event—preferably in the morning, too.

To capitalize on this scheduling, market your event as a “Midweek Brunch & Learn.” You can even provide a food delivery service gift card as an incentive to attend.

3. Offer Immediate Replay

Nearly half (46%) of attendees want a two-directional conference with live Q&A opportunities, while 38% prefer virtual events to be streamed live and recorded.

Virtual event hosts can satisfy both groups of participants by offering immediate replay sessions. This allows all participants to go back and review content they may have missed or wish to rewatch for deeper learning.

4. Virtual Events Need to Practice Sustainability, Too

Just because your conference isn’t held in person doesn’t mean you’re off the hook for practicing sustainability! 60% of participants prefer that conferences of any type demonstrate some commitment to sustainability.

Show your participants you care about the environment by making the switch to virtual swag or merch. Or, send attendees useful items made out of recycled materials, such as a refillable water bottle. Some conferences also send exclusive virtual content experiences, rather than physical objects, as gifts.

Commit to These 4 Virtual Event Best Practices in 2021

With these four best practices in mind, your 2021 virtual events and conference will operate effectively and efficiently. Be sure to use GlobalMeet Webcast by PGi to ensure your virtual conference content streams smoothly!

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