How to Host Successful Virtual Events

How to Host Successful Virtual Events

Virtual events remain highly relevant, even as travel recommences and companies begin hosting in-person events. Virtual events have several benefits, including saving attendees — and promoters — time and money, offering the added flexibility of content on-demand after the event, and reaching more attendees than may be possible with in-person events. But it’s important to have the right technology in place for a flawless webcast. You want your virtual events platform to provide:
  • Stellar audio-video quality
  • Professional service and support in real-time
  • Ease-of-use on all devices
  • The ability to record your webcast for on-demand viewing later
Once you’ve selected the best platform for your virtual events, follow these steps to host a successful webcast:

Create Engaging Content

Preparation is the key to a successful webcast, and you should spend plenty of time before your event creating the best content and lining up engaging speakers. Look to older content that performed well, such as blog posts, white papers, and infographics, to craft the messaging for your webcast.

Promote Your Event

Once you’ve had your first speakers lined up and a good idea of your agenda, you can begin promoting with an email campaign that starts a few weeks prior to the event. Plan two to three follow-up emails, along with reminder emails for those who have registered. Offer useful content in the emails that provides teasers for the type of content people will enjoy when they attend. Emphasize that attendees can log in from anywhere they might be from a desktop or laptop computer or a mobile device. Your software should offer ease of use on all devices for both presenters and attendees.

Complete a Test Run Prior to Your Event

Even with careful preparation, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. Hold a rehearsal prior to the event to test the technology, as well as the lighting and acoustics in the room. PGi’s GlobalMeet platform offers self-service options with live event assistance or fully managed services if you’d rather have professionals produce your event for you. Request a personalized demo of PGi’s GlobalMeet platform for your next webcast or virtual event.


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