PGi Partners with 6Connex To Deliver Hybrid and Virtual Events

PGi Partners with 6Connex To Deliver Hybrid and Virtual Events

PGi and 6Connex have partnered to deliver more immersive and engaging hybrid, in-person and virtual events across the world. PGi’s GlobalMeet Webcast platform integrates with 6Connex’s entire ecosystem of content to drive engagement and create enhanced experiences for producers, presenters, and attendees of hybrid events.

6Connex and PGi have joined forces to maximize the hybrid event experience for attendees — both in-person and virtual. The platforms, together, will make it easier than ever for event producers and presenters to focus on creating the best content and maximizing engagement.

GlobalMeet Webcast, an enterprise-grade streaming solution that keeps businesses and teams productive, with 6Connex’s ability to expand audience reach and drive in-depth content engagement to bring a new era of hybrid and virtual event experiences to organizations and enterprises. The partnership will enhance the capabilities of both platforms, creating a powerful set of tools and resources for corporations, teams, brands, educational facilities, and more.

What are Hybrid Events?

Hybrid events bring the best of in-person and virtual events together to accommodate a wider range of attendees, save time, and reduce travel costs for attendees. It’s important, during hybrid events, to ensure virtual attendees and presenters have an equally engaging experience as those who are live at the event.

Features such as Q&A, audience polling, and 24/7 managed support to ensure there are no technical issues and the virtual event experience offer the best audio and video quality are crucial to creating a seamless event.

Who Is 6Connex?

6Connex provides a virtual venue platform for virtual training, recruitment, sales, and marketing, with more than 20+ million hours of attendee interaction and guaranteed 99.9+% uptime. With API functionality, scalability, and personalized service, the platform gives enterprise-level organizations the capabilities they need to run seamless events within multiple virtual environments simultaneously.

Why Is This Partnership Important to Organizations Interested in Virtual and Hybrid Events?

6Connex and PGi shared the same dedication to quality, customer service, and cutting-edge technology. The brands complement each other to bring even more capabilities and options to PGi customers using the GlobalMeet platform.

Reach out today to learn more about how PGi and 6Connex, together can help take your virtual and hybrid events to the next level.

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