Future of Investor Relations Events: The Power of the Webcast in a Hybrid Work Environment

Future of Investor Relations Events: The Power of the Webcast in a Hybrid Work Environment

Even as business travel and in-person events resume in many parts of the world, employers are growing accustomed to hybrid work environments. This applies to day-to-day interactions with employees and also large-scale events, such as investor relations events. Even prior to the pandemic, many investment firms and Wall Street analysts relied on audio calls or virtual events to tune in to news about company earnings. After all, investors and media can’t possibly attend every event in person. Add the challenges of the pandemic, and investor relations events are ripe for evolution. Some people still prefer the safety and convenience — not to mention the lower costs — of virtual events for investor relations. But some want the one-on-one conversations and organic interactions that can occur both during and after live events. The solution for many companies? Hybrid investor relations events that complement the hybrid work environment found in many enterprise companies today.

Benefits of Hybrid Investor Relations Events

Hybrid investor relations events deliver a personalized, in-person and engaging experience to those who wish to travel or live near the event. Companies may choose a location close to a majority of their investors or hold it near their corporate headquarters for cost-savings and convenience. Those who want to attend will be willing to travel. Hybrid events can reduce travel costs for the presenting company and also increase environmental sustainability. For companies that hold sustainability as one of their core values, virtual and hybrid events show their commitment to those values. Companies can use a smaller venue for a hybrid event than they might for a full-fledged live event. This can further reduce infrastructure and event production costs. Finally, the beauty of hybrid events is about meeting your audience where they are — literally. Offering flexibility, convenience, and options for attendees will endear investors and the media to your company as one that listens and meets the needs of their customers.

What You Need to Produce a Successful Webcast for Investor Relations

Fortunately, it’s easier than ever today to produce a successful hybrid event. Quality content and personalized programming for both virtual and in-person attendees are key. Virtual attendees deserve an easy-to-use platform to participate in the event, along with high-quality audio and video. Fully managed, operator-led events ensure your investor relations meeting has the appropriate bandwidth and the right technology to deliver an engaging experience. In-person attendees want networking opportunities and small group sessions to learn even more about your company and to connect with others in their industry. Coordinate the timing of these events so that virtual attendees can enjoy break-out virtual chat rooms or Q&As simultaneously. The PGi GlobalMeet platform can help you evolve to deliver investor relations hybrid events to put your company in the best light during earnings calls, press conferences, town hall meetings, and more. Reach out today to learn more.

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