Getting Ready for Your Next Virtual Earnings Call

Getting Ready for Your Next Virtual Earnings Call

As organizations have shifted to online events and secure webcasts for everything from industry conferences to town halls to investor relations events, it’s important to understand the best ways to promote and execute these types of online events, including virtual earnings calls.

Even as companies begin to return to in-person gatherings and hybrid events, the benefits of virtual earning calls are plentiful and hard to ignore. In addition to attracting investors who may not be able to make in-person events, you have more capabilities to share your company message through a variety of media and in a myriad of ways. Plus, investors can playback an on-demand recording of the call to make more informed decisions.

But there’s a lot to consider to pull off an investor relations event without a hitch. Let’s look at how to tackle these secure webcasts from the perspectives of security, execution, and ultimately, success.

Your Virtual Events Platform is Key to Secure Webcasts

Obviously, companies sharing investor information require a secure platform to share company financials and proprietary information. You also want your investors to feel comfortable logging in, knowing that their own information is protected and secure.

PGi’s GlobalMeet platform offers operator-assisted capabilities to manage your virtual investor relations event, providing secure webcasts across the globe. You have options to secure access for pre-registered individuals only. You can also create gated access for those who wish to view the recorded call once the event is finished. You can also offer a written transcript of the event for those who prefer to skim notes for the most relevant details or even search for specific keywords.

Preparation Leads to Seamless Execution

An engaging event may include slide decks, audience polling, and Q&A functions. Whatever you’re offering, you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared with the best audio and video quality.

It’s a good idea to get your company leadership together with a half-hour before the call to do an audio and video check and assess the lighting and camera positions. If possible, you may gather all your executives in the same room to provide a unified view. Just ensure that microphones can pick up everyone in the room with the same level of quality.

If the executive team is calling in from separate locations, make sure that each participant has the appropriate bandwidth for the call, a quiet space, and a backup method to call in — such as their smartphone if they are on their laptop — in case of any technical issues.

You’ll want to prepare for the Q&A session in advance, perhaps even asking participants to email their questions ahead of time so presenters know what to expect.

Track Your Success

When the event ends, you’ll want to gauge the success to figure out what worked and make improvements and adjustments for next time. Determine what metrics you want to use to gauge engagement and investor sentiment.

You can send out email surveys after the event to hear the views of attendees. The GlobalMeet Webcast platform also provides robust reporting and analytics so you can determine which portions of your secure webcast resonated the most with your audience.

Learn more about our fully managed, operator-assisted events for investor relations calls and other events that are too important to manage yourself. Speak to an event specialist now.

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