How to Craft High Impact Sales and Marketing Strategies via Webcast

How to Craft High Impact Sales and Marketing Strategies via Webcast

Even as offices re-open, many employees continue to work remotely. Even in hands-on fields such as logistics and operational management, employees have embraced a full-time remote work schedule or a hybrid arrangement, where they spend some time in the office and the rest working remotely.

One study revealed that 34% of professionals across industries and positions would quit their job rather than return to the office full-time. And 49% said they would prefer a hybrid arrangement. Fortunately, today’s virtual training and events capabilities make it possible to manage operations, sales, and marketing even with a remote or hybrid workforce.

Virtual collaboration makes it possible to manage all areas of logistics from anywhere in the world. But you can also craft high-impact sales and marketing strategies virtually, regardless of where team members are working. In fact, it may be even more convenient to work in the cloud via powerful collaboration software and brainstorm ideas via webcast. When it comes to content creation, as well, virtual media should play a significant role in your content strategy.

Meet Via Webcast to Brainstorm Ideas

The PGi GlobalMeet platform provides all the tools you need to brainstorm ideas and collaborate creatively. Webcast capabilities for collaborative meetings include:

  • Screen-sharing
  • Cloud recording
  • In-app chat
  • A multi-task widget to access meeting and audio controls at any time
  • Remote desktop control
  • Digital whiteboard

The tools and resources available make it easy to craft your strategy with your team, make modifications in real-time, and save drafts in the cloud.

Review What’s Worked in the Past

As you’re crafting your sales and marketing strategy, you’ll want to review your best campaigns of the past. What resonated with your audience to guide them down the sales funnel? Borrow the elements from your most successful campaigns and consider repurposing content as you strategize.

Create a Webcast for Lead Generation

Webcast and virtual event technology aren’t just for in-house collaboration and communication. Using your best content, create a webcast for demand generation and consumer education. Build out the rest of your strategy with content promoting the webcast. Make sure to provide a recording of the webcast on-demand after the virtual event.

Creating a high-impact sales and marketing strategy with a remote team isn’t hard as long as collaborators can stay on the same page through webcast and virtual event technology.

Let PGi help you stay in touch with your team members, customers, and prospects. Schedule a free demo of our GlobalMeet platform today.

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