Elevate Your Virtual Town Halls with the Right Technology

Elevate Your Virtual Town Halls with the Right Technology

When you’re trying to keep employees and stakeholders in the loop, virtual town halls can be a cost-conscious, eco-friendly, and effective way to do so. You want to ensure your virtual town halls go off without a hitch, though, and that requires the right technology.

Follow these tips to elevate your virtual town halls with the best webcast platform available.

Let Your Branding Shine

Virtual town halls should be anything but generic. They should showcase your brand’s personality and DNA. A customizable portal lets attendees feel like they are part of your team and delivers a message of professionalism and community before the event begins.

Let Multiple Speakers Share the Spotlight

Up to 15 presenters can participate in your webcast from multiple locations across the globe. All that’s needed is a device with secure internet access and a few minutes of training before the virtual town hall, which PGi is happy to provide.

Screen-sharing capabilities, audience polling, and Q&A features ensure that every presenter can share their knowledge and gain insights from the crowd. Your company leadership can present itself as a unified team, even if you work from several different locations across the globe.

Secure Your Message

Virtual town halls often include sharing proprietary company information that you want to keep secure. From future plans and projections to motivational insights, you may not want the world at large to hear the message you’re sharing with employees. And you definitely don’t want competitors to gain access to plans, details, or intellectual property.

The GlobalMeet webcast platform offers enterprise-level security with:

  • Password protection
  • Login authentication
  • Limited audience access

Keep Viewers Engaged and Help Employees Feel Heard

Any good town hall meeting provides an interactive environment for employees to ask questions and hear the answers direct from company leaders. Town hall meetings are a perfect opportunity to help employees feel recognized and acknowledged, let them know that management is listening to their concerns, and create a stronger sense of community within your organization.

The right webcast software for your virtual town halls can deliver that same sense of connection remotely, with features such as polling, Q&As, and audience chat. Employees can also listen to recorded town halls on-demand after the event to review material or stay looped in even if they couldn’t attend the real-time event. Especially in today’s world, where remote work has become more prevalent, town hall meetings provide a way to keep employees and management connected.

Gauge Your Success and Do It Even Better Next Time with In-depth Event Insights

Event insights deliver comprehensive reporting and analytics related to attendee engagement. With this data, you can see which segments resonated best with your audience to deliver more of the same in the future and improve the experience with every meeting.

Let PGi Help with Managed Services

Organizing a virtual town hall can be stressful. From the presenter’s slideshows to the technology used for the broadcast, you want it all to work seamlessly, engage the audience, and ensure that everyone leaves the event with all their questions answered.

PGi offers two choices in service: operator-assisted, managed events or a self-serve platform with all the relevant training completed prior to the event. Whichever service you choose, PGi is here to deliver best-in-class training and support as needed before, after, and during your event.

Reach out today for plans and pricing for our GlobalMeet platform.

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