How to Deliver Stunning, Secure, and Scalable Virtual and Hybrid Events

How to Deliver Stunning, Secure, and Scalable Virtual and Hybrid Events

Video conferencing and virtual events technology have advanced to the point where getting a few people on a webcast is even easier than gathering in a conference room. But what about high-capacity virtual events if you need them? For trade shows, shareholder meetings and earnings calls, press conferences and more, event organizers often need the technology to host 50,000 or 70,000 people or more at their virtual events. Add in the growth of hybrid events, where some attendees experience the content in person and others participate through their internet-connected devices, and setting up high-capacity virtual events if you need them can be even more complicated. However, today’s webcast technology makes it easy to scale your events from five people to 50,000 or more, incorporating in-person and virtual elements to create the experience your attendees want and expect.

High-Quality Audio and Video Make Your Virtual Events Stand Out

The first step to making the best impression with your virtual events is ensuring the best quality technology. Users should be able to sign in seamlessly from any internet-connected device and enjoy high-definition audio and video with no lag due to bandwidth constraints. With the GlobalMeet platform, you can offer pre-recorded content or livestream your event to 70,000 people or more. Your content can also be available to watch on-demand at a later date. That way, people in different time zones can still enjoy your event at a time when it’s convenient for them.

Protect Your Company IP with Enterprise-Level Security

Whether you’re reaching out to shareholders or the media, you want your message to reach the right people without getting into the wrong hands. If they can gain access to your event, hackers can wreak havoc. That’s why GlobalMeet Webcast provides enterprise-level security, password protection, and the latest technology to ensure your large-scale event is secure.

Make the Jump to High Capacity Virtual Events If You Need Them

Hosting high-capacity virtual events or hybrid events is easy with the right platform. GlobalMeet Webcast offers fully managed, operator-led capabilities to help you connect seamlessly with your audience. From a customized landing page to on-demand content following the event, the GlobalMeet Webcast platform delivers it all — and that includes the best technology for your virtual events of 70,000 people or more. Reach out today to discover the benefits of our fully scalable webcast platform.


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