HR Communication Tools for Virtual Businesses

HR Communication Tools for Virtual Businesses

Managing a remote workforce brings a new set of communication and logistical challenges for today’s busy HR professionals. According to some estimates, roughly 22% of the American workforce, or 36.2 million people, could be working remotely by 2025. Having the right communication tools for your HR department is crucial if you’re running a virtual or hybrid business.

But what should you look for to help you do your job, even with employees and job candidates spread across town — or across the world?

Conduct Virtual Interviews with Ease

Some HR professionals still stand by the view that there is nothing like a face-to-face interview with job candidates, complete with a handshake — or at least an elbow bump, in today’s world. But remote interviews can save time and money, especially in the first phases of evaluating candidates for a position.

Video interviews with high-quality video help you see behind the mask — literally and figuratively — to pick up on cues you might miss during a phone interview or even an in-person meeting where masks and social distancing are enforced.

GlobalMeet Collaboration enables you to easily conduct one-on-one, or one-to-many, job interviews, view resumes and portfolios through a shared screen, and get to know candidates on a whole new level.

Onboard Employees Quickly

In today’s labor shortage, when you finally find and hire the right candidate, you want to get them onboarded and working as quickly as possible. You can eliminate paperwork, simplify onboarding, and make new employees feel like part of the team faster through virtual onboarding tools within GlobalMeet Collaboration. You can even onboard up to 125 new hires at once, which is great with the holiday season approaching. And for employees who need flex-time? You can record the onboarding for on-demand viewing later.

Meet Training Requirements Remotely

Ongoing training of employees can be costly and exhausting. Taking workers away from their core, everyday tasks to sit in a classroom reduces productivity and can leave employees feeling behind the 8-ball when they return to their desks.

Offer flexible training remotely through GlobalMeet Webcast. The HR Communication toolkit provides all the resources you need, including in-depth metrics about trainees’ activity and engagement.

Keep Your Workforce Connected

Town hall meetings are the cornerstone of good communication from the HR department and C-suite to workers at every level in your organization. But they can be time-consuming and costly to produce, pulling employees and executives from the office for a full day for a meeting.

Virtual town hall meetings make it easy to share important company news, motivational talks and ideas, and even future plans or earning statements. GlobalMeet Webcast can provide white-glove event planning services, so all your presenters have to do is show up and share great content. Let us worry about the bandwidth requirements, high-quality audio and video, and enterprise-level security that is so important during virtual town hall meetings.

The PGi team is here to make your life a whole lot easier with our GlobalMeet® Webcast. Whether you’re performing online video interviews, onboarding employees, conducting company-wide training, or hosting town hall meetings, we have you covered. Reach out to learn more about our HR communication toolkit.

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