Leveraging Webcast Tech to Make Demand Generation Less Demanding

Leveraging Webcast Tech to Make Demand Generation Less Demanding

Lead generation is never easy, but over the years, expert marketers have come up with strategies and tactics that work. For instance, trade shows, press conferences, and other in-person events have proven to bring in leads and increase your brand’s visibility.

But as the world shifted away from in-person gatherings during the pandemic, marketers had to find new ways to create demand generation and raise their brand’s visibility. Enter webcast and virtual event technology for demand generation and lead generation.

In the past year, many organizations have discovered that webcast technology is not just an effective alternative to in-person events. It also has many advantages, including cost savings and the ability to reach customers across a wider geographic base. But choosing the right webcast technology is important to make the best impression and get the best results.

Look for a webcast platform for demand generation that can help your organization achieve results through these four important features:

Gain Insights from Attendees to Maximize Conversions

Whether you’re focused on demand generation or lead generation, a successful webcast can keep your sales pipeline full for months. But you have to know how to track your connections as they make their way through the sales funnel. The GlobalMeet Webcast platform allows you to track engagement, behavior analytics, and demographics.

Best of all, the platform integrates seamlessly with your CRM, so what happens at your virtual event doesn’t have to stay at your virtual event.

Choose from Do-it-Yourself or Managed Services

High-quality audio and video with no bandwidth concerns or service interruptions are crucial to a seamless event. PGi delivers fully managed services, so all you have to worry about is messaging and content — not technology.

But if you prefer to remain in control, you can choose the self-serve model, where the PGi team provides the training you need and then steps back to let you run the show. If you hit any snags, the support team is always on call to help out.

Create as Many Webcasts as You Want

Unlike in-person events, webcast promotions are cost-effective and don’t sap your team’s productivity with time out of the office and travel stress. That means you can hold more frequent events for better lead generation. Create as many events as you’d like with your unlimited GlobalMeet Webcast license.

Customize the User Experience for Better Branding

Just as you would customize your signage and choose high-quality table covers and banners for a trade show booth, you want to make a good impression with the registration pages and user interface during your virtual event.

The best webcast platform will allow you to customize graphics, registration pages, follow-up emails, and more. Combined with best-in-class audio and video and easy, instant access that allows participants to connect from any device through a single URL, our customization capabilities can set your lead generation event apart.

Ready to learn more about how your virtual event or webcast can make demand generation less … demanding? Reach out to PGi today.

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