Unlock the Next Level of Virtual Education for Your Enterprise

Unlock the Next Level of Virtual Education for Your Enterprise

Organizations are increasingly adopting webcast technology for virtual training. Cost-effective, easy, and engaging, this form of modern learning works well if you have a remote workforce or employees in different offices across the globe. You may also want to use virtual training even if you have employees in the office to keep your conference rooms free for other meetings and let employees learn from the comfort and privacy of their desks where they can focus better.

Having the right webcast technology is the key to effective distance learning for corporations. Look for a platform that incorporates the features you need to ensure your virtual training goes off without a hitch.

Keep Professionals Engaged with Interactive Distance Learning for Corporations

When you’re offering virtual training, you want to be sure that students can ask and answer questions and stay engaged in the learning materials. Webcast features such as polling, Q&A, and audience chat, all included in the GlobalMeet Webcast platform, help keep the class involved.

The ability to record sessions and have them available on-demand at any time makes it easy for students to catch up if they missed a class or to review materials for better retention.

Measure Success with Online Testing

It can be difficult to tell if your teaching is really sinking in during virtual training. After all, while students can see you, you can’t see their faces, so you have to rely on questions and chat functions. With online testing and certifications immediately following class, you can get a handle on who was paying attention and absorbing the materials.

GlobalMeet’s robust reporting capabilities can also help you analyze engagement to see which lesson plans were most effective, so you can keep improving with each session.

Keep Company Intellectual Property Private with Enhanced Security

Your virtual training may include access to trade secrets, company intellectual property, and proprietary information. You want to be sure what happens in your webcast is for authorized eyes only. GlobalMeet’s enterprise-level security offers password protection, login authentication, and limited audience access.

Choose from Fully Managed or Self-Serve Options for Your Virtual Training

Fully managed webcast services provide you with an expert team of virtual training professionals at your service to run your event so you can focus on teaching. However, if you prefer a do-it-yourself approach, we provide all you need to get started and manage your own event. If you decide you need some support along the way, our team is available to lend a hand.

PGi’s GlobalMeet Webcast platform makes distance learning for corporations easy. Find out how to level up your virtual training with us today.

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