Customizable Virtual Platforms that Enable Your Brand Team to Create Tailored Events

Customizable Virtual Platforms that Enable Your Brand Team to Create Tailored Events

Webcasts can be used for sales, customer education, and branding. By embracing customized webcasts for virtual event attendee sets, you can deliver a more personalized experience that will resonate with attendees. But it’s important that even within customized webcasts, you maintain consistent branding. In other words, you want your webcast interface, landing page, and marketing materials to be creative yet consistent, unique yet recognizable, and always true to your branding guidelines.

Within these parameters, you can create tailored events using the GlobalMeet platform for webcasts. Here are a few suggestions detailing exactly which elements of your webcast you can customize for your next virtual event and how they can help you engage your audience.

Customize the Registration Experience

Your branding should begin before your attendees even log in to your virtual event. Customize the registration experience by choosing the location of forms, adding your company logo, and designing an eye-catching landing page that reflects your brand.

Customize the Look and Feel of Your Platform

Just as you customize your registration page, you want to customize the webcast platform so that your brand is front-and-center and attendees can’t forget who is feeding them all this helpful information. Look for a webcast platform that allows you to create a flexible design easily.

You may want a slightly different look or feel depending on your audience for each event. It should be easy to make changes with just a few clicks.

Create Pre-event Content

Pre-event content generates excitement for your event. It can convince attendees to recruit their colleagues to attend. And it can give everyone some familiarity with the topics to be discussed before you all gather virtually.

Customize events for different groups of attendees with different pre-event content and use the time before the event to see which type of content gets the best response. Then, you can tailor your presentations to the topics that garnered the most attention.

Make It Easy for Attendees to Login

Attendees should be able to log in easily from a laptop, desktop, or mobile device. The experience should be of the same quality no matter where they are watching, whether they are attending a hybrid event in-person, dialing in from their mobile device at the local coffee house, or watching from their office on a larger screen.

Add Sponsor Logos, Banners, and More

Just as your in-person event can take advantage of sponsor revenue and display signage or even run commercials on monitors through the venue, your webcast platform should make it easy to promote your sponsors.

Possibilities should include banner ads, pop-ups, and footers. You may wish to invite a sponsor to host a session or moderate a panel to give them added visibility.

Customize the Overall Experience with Chat Rooms, Breakout Sessions, and More

Some virtual events and webcasts can benefit from features such as Q&A and audience polling to increase engagement. Chat rooms and breakout sessions allow attendees to network in an informal setting or to share ideas and explore specific topics in a more in-depth way than your presentations may allow.

Decide what type of experiences your attendees will expect from your event, and use your webcast platform to customize their experience to meet their expectations.

Share Material On-Demand After the Event

Your event isn’t over when everyone logs off. If you aren’t recording content to make it available on-demand after the event, you could be missing out on a big marketing opportunity.

Of course, you’ll want to reach out to attendees after the event via email. Sharing some of your best content on-demand is one way to capture their attention. You can also share on-demand content with event registrants who couldn’t make the webinar for one reason or another, expanding your reach and potentially increasing the ROI derived from the content you created for the virtual event.

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