Empowering DIY Virtual Event Management

Empowering DIY Virtual Event Management

Are you considering hosting virtual events or a webcast for your organization or your customers, but you’re concerned you won’t have the technical know-how to use a do-it-yourself platform? Many organizations want to dive into the webcast waters, don’t have the budget for fully-managed solutions, but don’t have the staff or technology expertise to manage their own virtual event. That’s where the PGi GlobalMeet® Webcast comes in.

It’s important to know what to look for when choosing a DIY solution for a webcast.

Powerful Platform with High-Quality Audio and Video

You want a powerful and robust platform that delivers scalability for any size event. You also want the highest quality audio to keep attendees engaged and seamless, HD video streaming that meets audience expectations.

Ease-of-Use for Organizers and Attendees

Every element of your webcast platform should be easy to use. It should be easy for event organizers to customize the look and feel of the interface, add your branding, and choose from a variety of features that will also make it easy for your customers to register and participate.

It’s crucial that attendees can dial or log in from any device seamlessly and with ease.

You also don’t want to think about security features  enterprise-grade security should be a given, including password protection, login authentication, and ways to limit audience access as needed.

Post-Event Reporting and Analytics

Your powerful webcast solution should offer equally powerful reporting and analytics that allow you to gauge the success of your event, follow up with top prospects, and learn what worked and what didn’t so that you can modify and improve your webcast next time.

Support When You Need It

Even if you opt for a DIY virtual event management solution, you don’t want to go it alone. You should receive the service and support you need before, after, and during your virtual event. Experts should be on call to assist with set-up, network connections, or any other questions you may have. And if your webcast provider needs to jump in to ensure a seamless experience for the host, presenter, and attendees, they shouldn’t hesitate.

PGi’s GlobalMeet platform offers a choice of DIY or fully managed services for your next webcast or virtual event. You can learn more about our plans and pricing here.

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