Increase Virtual Audience Interactivity through Enhancements and Integrations

Increase Virtual Audience Interactivity through Enhancements and Integrations

Increased engagement during your webcast can lead to increased lead generation, more educated and highly qualified leads who are entering further down the sales funnel, and overall, more successful virtual events.

Enhancements and integrations, from the time you begin inviting attendees to post-event follow-ups, can help boost participation and generate excitement for your event. Consider implementing these five tactics to ramp up lead generation during your next webcast.

Connect with Community Ambassadors

In the days leading up to your event, connect with industry leaders and brand ambassadors in your community. Offer them perks if they bring people to your event through affiliate registration codes. During the event, draw these ambassadors into the conversation by asking them to share their biggest takeaways from past, similar events, or memories of in-person industry gatherings to set a more personal tone and foster human connection.

Get the Crowd Moving

Few things generate more excitement than getting a crowd on their feet. Gone are the days (we can hope!) when company leaders and motivational speakers begin events by asking everyone to shake hands with the person sitting next to them. Instead, create a connection with the crowd by playing some upbeat music and getting everyone dancing and clapping their hands.

Incorporate Surveys to Spark Discussion

Surveys are great to gauge the success of your webcast following virtual events. But why not deploy this useful tactic during the webcast to give your audience more of what they want – now and at future virtual events. People are more inclined to be honest and insightful when they are in the moment, rather than thinking back about your event later in the day or week.

Don’t Just Share Information, Create Conversations

When someone visits your booth at a real-life trade show, your sales team doesn’t talk at them, tossing up a slideshow and spewing the features of your product. Why should your webcasts be one-way lectures? Create conversations through audience polling and Q&As, and make sure your presentation is a dialogue, not a monologue.

Keep Your Eye on the Chat Window

One of the best ways to increase engagement during virtual events is to answer questions that arise in the chat window. Guests will feel as if their voices are being heard – which they are – and you can keep the momentum going with content the audience really cares about.

Include Networking Elements

Plan virtual breakout rooms between sessions where guests can network in a more intimate, casual setting. You may want moderators for each room to help facilitate discussions and introductions. You can rely on community members and brand ambassadors to fill this important role.

Integrate Your Virtual Events with Your CRM for Follow-ups

Virtual events aren’t over when the webcast ends. Make the most of your lead generation efforts by integrating your CRM with your webcasting platform to send relevant follow-ups and guide attendees through the sales funnel, building sustainable – hopefully profitable – relationships.

Work With Production Professionals for a Polished Event

Today’s audiences have higher-than-ever expectations for webcasts and virtual events. By using managed services and relying on studio professionals to assist, the quality of your event will exceed expectations – and you won’t have to worry about glitches or hard-to-use technology that distracts your presenters from giving their best performance.

PGi is here to help with fully managed virtual events for lead generation, investor relations, town hall meetings, and more.

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