Managed Services Help You Engage Audiences Both In-Person & Virtually and Hybrid Events

Managed Services Help You Engage Audiences Both In-Person & Virtually and Hybrid Events

Both virtual events and hybrid events are on the rise as people ease into public gatherings again. Organizations need tools that will enable them to engage both live and remote audiences during trade shows, conferences, or webcasts. Nearly three-quarters (73%) of event planners told trade publication that they expect hybrid events to be more common in the future. Without disregarding the value of face-to-face meetings, some see hybrid events as a stepping stone to full-on, in-person gatherings. But others recognize the tremendous benefits of hybrid and virtual events to reduce costs and reach broader audiences. For these organizations, there is no going back to “in-person only” productions. But it’s important to have the right tools in place for a seamless presentation.

Interactive Components Bring Hybrid Events to Life

When you’re evaluating a webcast platform, consider the features it provides for both virtual events and hybrid events. For instance, the Meeting Room View of GlobalMeet introduces Q&A, polling, and surveys to not just the remote audience, but also in-person attendees via a mobile-optimized interactive platform. In-person doesn’t have to mean low-tech, while virtual doesn’t have to mean a sub-par interactive experience. The best elements of virtual events and hybrid events combine on the right platform to deliver an equally engaging experience for all attendees.

Similarly, Presentation Slide Mode makes it easy for presenters to share slides full-screen on a large display screen or projection system to in-person audiences while controlling the webcast slide delivery for remote viewers. Onsite A/V production crews can help ensure both aspects of the presentation roll without a glitch.

Onsite Assistance Provides Peace-of-Mind for Presenters

If you need a projection system, high-quality loudspeakers, or broadcast equipment for your webcast or in-person presentation, PGi can help with GlobalMeet Webcast Production Services. Onsite assistance can include an event emcee, exclusive use of broadcast studios for a professional production, and technicians and crews to pull it all together and manage the event.

Twenty percent of event planners polled by predicted that most virtual events through 2021 will be broadcast from a professional studio setup. High-quality AV gear is crucial for hybrid events, where presenters want to deliver the same quality of experience to in-person and virtual attendees.

Having equipment supplied, along with a team to manage it, offers peace of mind to the presenters on the stage and the organizers behind the scenes.

Focus on the Message. Let Experts Take Care of the Rest

Embracing managed services for onsite assistance can help event organizers focus on the message and delivering a stellar experience while professional producers, technicians, and crews work together to bring virtual and in-person audiences together. Successful hybrid events hinge on having the right tools so that both audiences feel equally engaged. GlobalMeet Webcast delivers the interactive components necessary to bring your hybrid events to life while offering the onsite support many organizations demand.

Are you ready to plan your next big event for 2021 or even 2022? Let PGi help you connect with your audiences.

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