Three Strategies for Successful Hybrid Events

Three Strategies for Successful Hybrid Events

Hybrid events, or productions that combine virtual events with real-world elements, offer businesses opportunities to reach broader audiences, keep costs low, and continue building relationships after the event through on-demand access to content. As the world shifted to virtual events in 2020, many organizations noticed the vast benefits of reduced business travel, lower production costs, and increased flexibility with webcasts. Hybrid events in 2021 deliver the best of both worlds, bringing people together but enabling those who can’t – or don’t want to – travel to experience your event. Developing a solid strategy in advance, deciding what elements of your event should be webcast, and offering engaging content for attendees both on-site and virtual, are the keys to successful hybrid events. As you prepare content, think of the best ways to keep people engaged before, during, and after your event.

Create Fear-of-Missing-Out by Sharing Content Prior to the Event

Do you remember the pre-pandemic excitement of preparing for a trade show or industry conference? You’d make a list of colleagues you wanted to connect with, scope out the best restaurants in the city, and schedule your days around must-see presentations. Generate that excitement for hybrid events by giving attendees a taste of the content they can expect, virtually. Plan weekly webcasts for the month prior to the event, with exclusive access for event attendees. Once attendees preview your content, they may be willing to spread the word about your event, helping to boost early registration numbers.

Create Connection Between In-Person and Virtual Attendees

The hybrid elements of your event should be easy for your attendees to access from any internet-connected device. But more importantly, hybrid attendees should have opportunities to “mingle,” virtually, with in-person attendees and presenters via online chat and one-to-one or group video calls. Since nearly everyone carries their mobile device with them to conferences, in-person attendees should be able to view chats and feel just as connected to the hybrid audience as they do to the speakers on the stage.

Follow Up with Virtual and Remote Guests

The right follow-up message is everything when it comes to successful hybrid events. The GlobalMeet platform enables organizations to track attendance and engagement and then share content following the event that appeals to participants who attended the event or watched from their home or office. Offering on-demand content gives in-person attendees a chance to review material for anything they might have missed, while providing flexibility for virtual attendees. Use polls and questionnaires following your event to stay in touch with your audience and progress your business relationship to the next level – whatever that may look like for your brand. Get started now with PGi GlobalMeet.


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