Enterprise-Grade Security for Enterprise Webcasts

Enterprise-Grade Security for Enterprise Webcasts

As webcasts, webinars, and virtual meetings grew in popularity in 2020, so did instances of hacking and cybersecurity breaches related to webcasts. Webcast security became even more important for organizations and companies hosting virtual events.

Between February and May 2020, more than half a million video conference attendees had their personal data stolen and shared on the dark web, says a Deloitte survey. Secure webcasts are crucial, as a data breach can damage a company’s reputation, erode the public’s trust, and cost businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Businesses should choose a virtual event platform that delivers secure webcasts with enterprise-grade security. Look for a platform with the following three cybersecurity protections:

Password Protection for Network Security

One of the first levels of protection for webcast producers is to require attendees to enter a password for the event. This simple act can prevent meeting intrusions, keep mission-critical company information safe, and protect attendee personal information by maintaining network security. This simple step should be implemented for every meeting, no matter how large or small.

Login Authentication

Enterprise-grade login authentication further keeps mission-critical company data safe — without any added steps from event promoters or attendees. Baked into the PGi platform, login authentication ensures that only authorized personnel can access meetings as presenters and provides a record of all attendees and users.

Limited Audience Access

Financial earnings calls, sensitive HR meetings, town halls, and internal meetings require the highest level of security to ensure that only authorized attendees can hear the information. Limiting audience access can also enhance network security by keeping hackers and cyber thieves out of the event.

Limit audience access through login authentication, but further reduce the risk of people even knowing about your meeting if you don’t want them to by issuing private invitations via email. This security tip applies especially to those hosting private or in-house virtual events, such as financial earnings calls, town halls, or internal meetings.

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