Produce and Distribute Studio Quality Webcasts for Increased Audience Engagement

Produce and Distribute Studio Quality Webcasts for Increased Audience Engagement

PGi, makers of the industry-leading GlobalMeet® Webcast virtual events solution, have teamed up with Socialive to offer best-in-class event experiences for businesses.

In recent years, video has grown in both prevalence and effectiveness as a marketing tool. According to the website, 72% of customers prefer learning about a product or service through a video. Meanwhile, 81% of businesses use video in their marketing strategy. That’s 63% more marketers using video during the pandemic than in 2019. Researchers predict that 1 million videos will cross the internet per second by 2022.

The evidence is clear: Incorporating high-quality, HD-or-better video into your marketing campaigns can increase user engagement, generate leads, and drive sales. That’s why the combined capabilities between PGi and Socialive is so relevant to enterprise-level businesses today.

What Is Socialive?

Socialive is a powerful and intuitive video platform that helps organizations create and distribute high-quality video content. By combining the broadcasting capabilities of PGi’s GlobalMeet® Webcast solution with Socialive’s powerful, studio-quality video production platform, businesses can deliver high-caliber live streams and on-demand video to create higher quality virtual events that increase audience engagement.

Socialive offers multiple benefits, including enhanced brandability, layouts for multiple presenters, on-screen graphics with calls-to-action, and the ability to simulcast to multiple channels — all with no prior video production experience required.

Deliver More Engaging Virtual Events

GlobalMeet® Webcast users know there’s more that goes into a successful webcast than just the presentation. Socialize enables users to record and clip video material to generate pre-event teasers and post-event “snack-able” videos to increase audience engagement and drive leads from Facebook Stories, Instagram Reels, TikTok videos, and other social media formats and channels.

Bring Your Partners, Customers, and Workers Closer

In today’s virtual world, it’s more important than ever to forge connections at every level. Through compelling, studio-quality video experiences and advanced enterprise-grade streaming, the two companies enable clients to deepen engagement with employees, partners, customers, and their network as a whole.

This offering exemplifies how brands can work together to serve their customers better and deliver the highest quality marketing materials, from teaser videos to hybrid or virtual events. Better audience engagement and deeper connections lead to increased ROI at every stage of a business.

Learn more about increasing audience engagement with the highest quality virtual events from the team at PGi today.

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