Reach Virtual and Hybrid Audiences that Unlock Sales Opportunities

Reach Virtual and Hybrid Audiences that Unlock Sales Opportunities

If 2020 taught sales teams anything, it’s that there is more than one way to reach and engage your audience. With states on lockdown, 2020 became the year of the webcast. Prior to 2020, 51% of event marketers had never run a webcast or virtual event. According to the same survey, by spring of 2021, 85% of marketers said they believe virtual events are here to stay. Likewise, research from McKinsey & Company from October 2021 showed that, although 48% of people are beginning to revert to pre-pandemic, “normal” behaviors outside the home, e-commerce continues to grow at a high rate. For marketers, this offers an unprecedented opportunity to reach homebodies and those willing to travel, alike, through virtual and hybrid audiences. But what are the best ways to create successful virtual and hybrid events for sales/lead/demand generation?

Target Fresh Audiences with Virtual and Hybrid Events

Companies that host live events often draw crowds from their specific region but may fail to engage across geographic barriers. Use hybrid events to attract visitors who may not travel to attend a live convention, panel, press conference, earnings call, or trade show.

Connect with Influencers

If you’re looking to expand your reach for sales/lead/demand generation, one great way to start is by tapping into the social media audiences of influencers in your industry. Partner with influencers to create engaging sizzle reels and teaser videos to entice audiences to tune in — or travel — to participate in your event.

Start Small to Engage a Hybrid Audience

The last thing you want when you’re hosting a hybrid or virtual event is technical difficulties. Consider using social media, Q&A, chat rooms, and polling functions within your webcast platform to engage the virtual element of your audience. GlobalMeet® Webcast offers an intuitive interface for those at the live event to engage online along with hybrid audiences, bringing all your attendees a little closer together — virtually speaking.

Listen to Your Customers

In addition to audience polling during the event, take advantage of surveys before and after your webcast to see what customers loved, what they wanted more of, and even what didn’t resonate with them. Then, take that information and pass it on with actionable insights to your sales and marketing teams while also using it to improve your next event.

Choose the Right Webcast Platform

A successful webcast for sales/lead/demand generation requires a robust platform with all the capabilities you need, including crystal clear audio, video, and technical support when you need it. GlobalMeet® Webcast offers capabilities to customize the webcast experience for attendees, a choice of fully managed or DIY service, and the audience engagement tools you need for sales/lead/demand generation. Take a look at the difference GlobalMeet® Webcast can make for your company.


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