Robust Functionality for an Impactful Webcast

Robust Functionality for an Impactful Webcast

Only about 60% of registrants actually attend a webcast they signed up for, according to HubSpot statistics. That means, for maximum impact, your webcast must not only engage attendees in real-time but give others a chance to watch the recorded sessions at their leisure. GlobalMeet® Webcast from PGi offers multiple options for live webinars, on-demand access, and even hybrid events.

But what functions and options are must-haves when it comes to producing and delivering a professional webcast? The more robust the functionality of your platform, the better the engagement you’re likely to capture. That’s why your webcast and the options with GlobalMeet® Webcast can help your company build customer loyalty, increase conversions, and bring your audience closer than you ever imagined.

Live Q&A and Audience Polling Gives Attendees a Stake in Your Event

There are few things more boring for webcast attendees than staring at a screen watching “talking heads” make a presentation. Today’s audiences, who may be suffering from video conference fatigue, want to feel like they are part of the event.

You can play a soundtrack of rocking tunes and ask your audience to get up and dance if that type of interaction fits the energy of your event. But for most business meetings, town halls, or shareholder conferences, you’ll want to engage your audience without calisthenics.

Audience Q&A and polling functions enable you to get audiences thinking about the topics that matter. You can gauge audience pain points and tailor content to their concerns. Most importantly, you’ll keep audiences engaged, excited, and ready to have a dialogue with your presenters.

Social Media Interaction Connects Audiences Across the Miles

One of the options with GlobalMeet Webcast is to use social media content and sharing capabilities to extend the reach of the event. Add links to your registration page to allow viewers to share an event using LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Your audience can also interact on social media during a live event by using the same links provided in the event player to post . If you’re hosting a hybrid event, you can use social media to connect your live audience to those viewing remotely or you can use our audience chat feature within our player.

Sim-Live Functionality Creates an Engaging Experience in Real-Time and After the Event

Sim-live functionality on the GlobalMeet® Webcast enables event producers to edit webinar material on the fly and then repurpose the recorded material after the webinar, making it available on your website or social media channels for on-demand access.

Don’t lose out on the 40% of your audience that misses your event the first time. Promote the recording of your webcast and use the options with GlobalMeet® Webcast to provide on-demand access to expand your reach and increase conversions.

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