Webcast Integrations That Bring Your Events and Data to Another Level

Webcast Integrations That Bring Your Events and Data to Another Level

More than half of all marketers say that a webinar is one of the best ways to drive prospects down the sales funnel, and 49% say they effectively convert leads into sales. But a top-quality webcast only lays the groundwork for sales. The key to success lies in how you follow up with webcast attendees after the main event. The right webcast integrations, robust analytics, and the right marketing automation tools can boost your return-on-investment for any virtual event.

Lay The Groundwork for Promotions with Marketing Automation

Robust marketing automation platforms permit you to promote your webinar to your target audience and send well-timed, relevant follow-up emails. Make sure to use audience segmentation to remind those who registered when the event is coming up while following up with those who have not yet registered to remind them of the great topics and presenters who will be part of your webcast.

GlobalMeet® Webcast from PGi integrates with top marketing automation platforms, making it easy to create email campaigns surrounding your event. The GlobalMeet platform integrates with:

  • Salesforce
  • Marketo
  • Eloqua
  • Hubspot
  • Pardot

Follow Up to Promote On-Demand Content After Your Event

What if you host a webcast, and only a fraction of your registrants attend? That’s the beauty of GlobalMeet® Webcast’s recording capabilities that permit you to record the content of your webcast, edit it, and make it available on-demand after your virtual event.

You can use data and analytics from your webcast to determine the most engaging segments of your presentation. Then leverage that content through social media channels by using short snippets from presentations as reels on Insta or videos on TikTok or Facebook. Distribute these assets seamlessly through your marketing platform to drive people to watch the complete webcast on-demand — or to register for your next event.

Use Survey Features to Show Your Audience You Care

GlobalMeet® Webcast has the capability to automatically send a post event survey to an attendee once they exit the event. Sharing this type of content shows your attendees that you care about their opinions. It can also help you make your next event even better by delivering more of the elements that resonated with your audience.

The marketing integrations PGi offers allow you to stay in touch with your audience every step of the way to increase the ROI on your webcast and level up your virtual events.

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