Webcast Recordings with Text Transcriptions Ranked Using AI

Webcast Recordings with Text Transcriptions Ranked Using AI

A webcast can be an effective marketing tool, as well as a great way to stay in touch with everyone from remote employees to shareholders. But the true power of a virtual event lies in the follow-up and the ability to make content available after the webcast to reach an even broader audience.

PGi has equipped GlobalMeet Webcast with the ability to provide searchable text transcriptions for business insights, resulting in leads and sales. The AI search capabilities make it easy for audience members and those viewing the webcast on-demand after the event to search for the topics and information they need. The technology also enables event producers to plan each element of a live presentation in advance. Let’s look at how these AI search and transcription capabilities can enhance your next webcast.

Webcast Transcriptions and AI Search Make It Easy for Audience Members to Access Important Notes

GlobalMeet Webcast enables users to turn audio or video recordings into searchable, clickable text transcriptions using Automated Speech Recognition. The platform can rank key topics using an AI search engine and display those topics in an AI-generated word cloud, giving attendees and those reviewing the event afterward quick access to key information.

Identify High-Performing Content Through AI Search

The AI-generated word cloud also enables marketers to identify the most relevant and engaging topics from the webcast, so they can take what works from the webinar and use it in the next virtual event. You can modify topics that didn’t perform as well as you’d hoped to improve the return-on-investment for your next event.

Embrace Dynamic Layout Capabilities to Drive Audience Experience

Once you’ve discovered what works best for your audience, it’s easy to control the audience experience and encourage attendees to focus on specific content through GlobalMeet Webcast’s dynamic layout capabilities. Through the platform, you can:

  • Increase slide size to enhance visibility
  • Highlight a panel of speakers by hiding other content

Focus on Presenting with Event Script Delivery

It’s easy to produce an engaging webcast and then focus on presenting the content on the day of your event. Plan out each element into a single track. You can use the platform to:

  • Schedule speaker headshots
  • Overlay videos, surveys, or slides
  • Make layout changes to emphasize specific elements of a presentation

Having these details taken care of in advance makes it easier for your presenters to focus on their audience, make personal connections, and deliver the content in the most compelling way.

Make Follow-up More Relevant through AI-Generated Data

When you’re sending follow-ups after your event, you want to touch on the points that resonated most with audiences. That’s where searchable text transcriptions can help drive leads and sales. Use the word cloud to discover which parts of your webinar were most engaging and relevant, and then search the transcription to create similar content.

Since your transcription also gives you access to audience polling and Q&A, you can answer questions to create engaging follow-up content that will help convert the lion’s share of your audience.

Don’t settle for presenting your webinar and then letting the content go to waste after your virtual event. Leverage AI search, on-demand recordings, and deep business analytics and insights to increase the ROI for your next event.

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