What is a Hybrid Event?

What is a Hybrid Event?

A hybrid event combines an in-person and virtual experience, giving attendees a choice in how they would like to attend. Especially now, when some people are still hesitant — or unable — to travel, hybrid events deliver the best of both worlds for attendees and those producing the event, alike.

Advantages of a Hybrid Event and Webcast

For event promoters, organizations, companies, and marketers, a hybrid event enables you to expand your reach without a lot of added costs. By recording the virtual aspects of your event and making them available on-demand after the big day, you can extend not just the geographic reach of your message but its half-life in the public eye.

For attendees, of course, the key advantage is having a choice of whether or not to travel while knowing you’ll get an equally engaging and informative event whatever you choose. A hybrid event and webcast is most successful when both in-person and virtual attendees can experience the event together, participate equally, and consume the same engaging content. Hybrid events take the place of entirely in-person or full virtual events for tradeshows, conferences, exhibitions, and fairs.

Features Your Hybrid Event and Webcast Need for Success

To make the most of your hybrid event and webcast, you’ll want a platform you can trust, with experienced professionals and on-site assistance behind it. GlobalMeet® Webcast from PGi is the culmination of 30+ years of experience delivering engaging hybrid and virtual events.

It’s crucial that live and virtual attendees all feel engaged and included in the presentations, networking, and knowledge-sharing. Features such as Q&A, polling, and surveys can be delivered to the remote audience and shared with the in-person audience via a mobile-optimized platform. GlobalMeet® Webcast’s Presentation Slide Mode makes it possible for presenters to simultaneously share full-screen slides to the in-person audience and control the presentation on the far side so remote attendees can also have a view of the room or presenter along with the slides.

Get the On-Site Assistance You Need

Your event can benefit from on-site assistance that includes:

  • A GlobalMeet® Webcast specialist to ensure all the technical aspects of your program are performing properly
  • Audio/video production crews to ensure the highest quality audio and HD video without a glitch
  • Broadcast studios for post-production and live production to deliver a professional-looking event

You even get a professional event emcee, so your team doesn’t have to focus on introducing presenters or keeping the show moving forward.

Who Needs Hybrid Events?

Suppose you’re looking to expand your event’s reach. In that case, especially if you have customers or industry members that span the globe and want to share information with all of them in a cost-effective way, a hybrid event and webcast could be the best solution for your organization. Likewise, enterprises that require some participants to attend a town hall meeting or an important internal meeting in person, while other employees have to tune in remotely, can rely on hybrid event solutions to bring their team closer in a seamless way.

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