5 Webcast Statistics Every Marketer Should Know

5 Webcast Statistics Every Marketer Should Know

If you’re a marketer, you probably already know that an informative, engaging, and professionally produced webcast can drive leads to your website, increase conversions, and help you build customer loyalty. Want some numbers to back that up and help you produce the best webcasts for superior results?

Here are some webcast statistics every business owner, marketer, and presenter should know. That’s because, of the organizations that rely on their in-house team to produce webcasts, 29% rely on their marketing team to spearhead the efforts.

1. The Best Webcast Lasts Between 60 and 120 Minutes

Studies show that audiences can stay engaged for up to two hours. An hour-long webcast makes it worth someone’s time to log in and gives marketers enough time to share their message and host a Q&A at the end of the event. When tuned into a 60-minute webcast, attendees stay an average of 57 minutes, but 40% stick around to the very end.

2. Webcast Growth Could Reach $800 Million by 2023

Webcasting is a huge industry. Projections show that the global market could grow by $253 million between 2015 and 2023, with a huge spike in 2020 due to the pandemic. Research also shows that people watched three times more webcast content in 2020 than in 2019.

3. 92% of Webcast Viewers Say They Want a Q&A Opportunity

Q&As increase engagement during webcasts. More than 80% of marketers use Q&A to engage attendees.

4. 59% of Webcast Registrations Happen Less Than a Week Before the Event

Concerned that you will present a webcast and no one will show up? Don’t worry. Although 12% of webcast registrations tend to occur four weeks before the event, presumably when the marketing campaign begins, registrations spike to 59% less than a week before. And you may still get a batch of last-minute attendees, too. Research shows that 17% of webcast registrations don’t happen until the day of the event.

5. 29% of People Prefer to Tune in to  Webcasts On-Demand

If you’re not making your material available on-demand after your event, you could be missing out on a sizeable chunk of your audience. Studies show that 29% of marketers preferred to watch webcasts on-demand, versus 19% who tune in live.

As 2021 turns into 2022, GlobalMeet Webcast continues to be here to share webcast best practices and help you understand the trends your business needs to help your webcasts succeed, whether you’re seeking to drive leads and increase sales, streamline effective internal communications — or both.

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