Creating an Effective and Engaging Pharma Webcast

Creating an Effective and Engaging Pharma Webcast

Creating a webcast is a great way to reach physicians and other healthcare professionals (HCPs) and spread your pharma marketing message to a targeted audience who are already interested in the topic. In fact, webcasts are among the three most effective marketing tactics. But for the final product to be an effective demand generation tool, your plan for the webcast is just as important as the delivery of the material. Creating an engaging webcast that attendees enjoy begins long before the day of the webcast, with careful planning of the content, targeted messaging to attract attendees interested in the topic, and selection of a reliable platform for when the webcast takes place.

Here are some tips for creating a pharma webcast your attendees will find engaging and insightful.

Be Concise and Use Direct Language

Be up-front and start the broadcast with an outline of what you’ll be presenting and what attendees can expect to learn. Stick to this plan so attendees can feel like they’ve fully learned about the topic at hand by the end of the webcast.

Present Credible Information

If you can have an expert in the field present the information, this is an easy way to lend more credibility to your broadcast. Attendees are likely to sit up and pay attention when the webcast presenter has credentials they respect, and the information presented is from a respected source.

Give a Smooth, Easy-To-Watch Presentation

Practice the presentation ahead of time to ensure that you and your team members know exactly how to operate the webcast ahead of time. While everyone experiences technical difficulty from time to time, chances are that busy healthcare professionals will not have the patience to wait while you work out the issues you’re experiencing.

Make It Easy To Watch the Webcast

Because most healthcare professionals have constantly changing schedules, some of the people who sign up for your webcast are likely to be unable to attend the live broadcast. Making the recording available on-demand so these people can enjoy it when they have time available is a great way to drive traffic to your website after the actual broadcast is completed and create new leads for HCP sales on an ongoing basis.

By following these best practices, you can ensure that any healthcare professionals who attend your webcast enjoy the presentation and plan to attend your future webcasts. GlobalMeet Webcast offers an effective solution to make sure that your next Pharma webcast is safe and effective.

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