Free Training Sessions to Reduce Churn and Grow Accounts Spend

Free Training Sessions to Reduce Churn and Grow Accounts

GlobalMeet Webcast customers can use free training sessions, delivered via webcast, to grow accounts for their customers. If you’ve never considered this extended revenue opportunity — which can also help reduce churn — continue reading for some tips to build trust with your customers in 2022.

The Power of a Free Webcast to Reduce Churn

If you’re like many service providers, you struggle with churn rate — the rate at which subscribers cancel your services. Churn rate among OTT providers dropped substantially between 2019 and 2020, to a low of 38% (down from 46%), according to a Parks Associates study. When you consider the cost of acquiring new customers vs. maintaining existing accounts and even growing their spend, it’s worth doing what you can to reduce churn even further.

Chances are, the only time you really connect with your customers is when there’s a problem. You may be on the ball with troubleshooting and customer service — especially with the PGi team available to offer support for GlobalMeet Webcast. But are you doing everything you can to build trust with your customer base?

A free webcast that trains customers on the higher-level offerings of GlobalMeet Webcast — without overtly upselling services — builds trust and lets your customers know you are thinking about them and want to provide the highest level of service.

How Free Training Can Grow Accounts Spend

As a side effect of free training that opens your customers’ eyes to the vast capabilities of GlobalMeet Webcast, many will want to take advantage of these capabilities. You can showcase features available with the Enterprise level package, such as simulated live presentations, our event creation API, advanced customized player and branding, and advanced reporting capabilities that make follow-ups after events are even easier.

Choose a few advanced features and host a webcast showcasing these capabilities. Make sure your sales team follows up to see if webcast attendees have questions about the functions, capabilities, or training.

Marketing Tips for Your Webcast

The great part about hosting a free training for your customers is that you can reach many customers at once. Make sure to promote via email in advance of the event. Also, have your sales team send personalized invitations to their accounts — by phone, text, or email.

Follow up-to remind registrants the day before and day of the event and make the recap available afterward, too.

A free webcast is a great way to build relationships with current clients, earn their trust, and, ultimately, reduce churn and increase revenue through upsells.

Contact PGi today for more tips to host your training webcast.

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